Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tie Dye Party


We are gearing up for Rylee’s 3rd Birthday here.  Of course, her birthday doesn’t fall until the end of next month, but we are doing a combined party with her cousins Brooke & Logan.  Brooke will be 10 and Logan will be 3.  We are having a tie dye party for them.  It should be fun.  We will be having a ‘friends party’ for Rylee around her actual birthday also.  You know, a overtop, girly, pink and aqua, camping party complete with smore’s, campfires, bean bags, and an outdoor movie showing.

tie dye 1 bdayTie Dye Bday party invite 1Tie dye Bday Party Invite 2

These were some pictures from our photoshoot.  You would be so surprised at how difficult it was to get a little certain boy into a tie-dyed shirt and on top of that, attempt to get him to smile and look at the camera.  It took some major rump shaking by my sister.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July update


I basically forgot all of July and about jumped straight into the end of July/August.  Whoops!

July was full of fun activities.  But just like June, July sped by.  It’s almost August already.

We began with the 4th of July.  We stuck close to home and had some great sweltering hot fun at the parade and Uncle Sam Jam (USJ).  Rylee loved getting the candy from the parade and jumping in the jumpers at the USJ.  She also enjoyed the craft area where she made an awesome flag necklace.  Fireworks were also a favorite.

Rylee and dad 4th of July

rylee daddy sparklers

We spent one morning picking strawberries at the strawberry patch.

Rylee strawberry picking

We also took in Phil Baker, Story Times, and Friday Features at the library.  The zoo has also been visited a few times in the past couple of weeks when the temps weren’t too high.  We have really enjoyed spending time with friends that come over while their mom works and frequenting “moms club” events.  Pool time happened quite often as we had a warm spell with temperatures into the 90’s and heat index’s well over 110.  Talk about some hot and humid weather. 

rylee carosel zoo

rylee feeding goats 2 zooRylee train zoo

rylee zoo feeding goats


Camping was put on the back burner for a while because we decided we could easily sit in the air conditioner at home instead of in the small camper.  We are packing up to go camping soon though, so more camping pictures will come soon.

We took a tour of Dairy Queen here in town this past week.  Rylee loved seeing all the stuff and especially loved walking in the giant fridges and making her own ice-cream cone. 



Rylee Mya DQ tour waiting

waiting for the tour to begin

DQ tour fridge

inside the giant walk in fridge

DQ tour making icecream cone

making her ice-cream cone

finished product

eating her self-made ice-cream cone


We are in full planning mode for Birthday parties here.  We are having a “cousins tie-dye party” for the summer birthdays and also Rylees “friends” party at the end of august.

I will also be taking some senior pictures of my cousin soon so more of that later too. 

We have Rylee’s CF appointment tomorrow.  Hoping for growth, continued clean cultures, and not too many tears during the blood draw. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did June go?


It seems like just yesterday was the beginning of “our summer”.  School was out, I said goodbye to all of the kids I had been watching except for miss Mya and Mr. Miles.  And now, the summer is 1/3 over.

We have kept busy all summer so far.  We took walks to the park.





We participated in the Bike Rodeo for the summer reading program.  We also have participated in story times, Bingo, Friday Feature Movies, Reading Logs, The Zoo man, the Juggler Man, The transportation Fair, and the Puppet Show.























We spent a rainy day taking in Excite, which is a indoor bounce house and play area.  Rylee absolutely loved this!  they had a ton of big bounce houses, a toddler area with climbers and play houses and a bubble machine. 











We have ran through the sprinkler and played with our outdoor toys a lot.


And we have been to the zoo 3 times so far.  Of course we have rode the carousel, fed the goats, walked over the bridge, and really enjoyed the museum inside.  When we go to the zoo we almost always get to go get ice cream afterwards.  Fun summer treats.











And on top of that we have finally headed to go swimming pool numerous times, the children’s museum, and lots of parks.  And so that was where June went.  We also participated for the 3rd year in our Great Strides Walk for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in June.  I will have to do another post with the few pictures we got from that day.  

So to say the least, June has been a tad busy.  And so far, July hasn’t slowed down one bit.