Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Kasey – Day…..Who knows


This is baby Kasey.  Rylee screamed to take baby Kasey home with her when we left his house.  She settled for a picture.

This is day something and sometime this week I will rummage through my pictures, edit a few, and post the remainder days to catch up.  This picture was taken on Saturday while visiting this little man.


So Recently this 365 day challenge has been kicking my behind.  I am still trudging away at it, just get behind at times.  I am determined to catch up at least once a week (most weeks).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review – The Dragon and the Turtle


Cover Image

I recently read this book to the children of my daycare.  The children consist of two 2yr olds and a 4 yr old.  I must say that this book was above the 2 yr olds level and didn't hold their interest well.  The 4 year old however loved the book and proceded to read it numerous times after the original reading.  The only problem she had was remember the name of the turtle and dragon. 

The pictures were unique - I loved the textures that the illustrator used in the images.  The pictures did keep the younger children interested.

Overall the story was a little long for the younger kids and even drug on a little for the older child.  After we discussed the bible verse it relates to and the 4 year old really enjoyed this part.  She seemed to understand how it related to the verse.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know yesterday was valentines day and that the title of this post felt fitting even though it's after Love day.
Today I had the rare chance to spend with Rylee alone. The girls were all gone because of illness (ear infections) so I had Rylee all to myself. Love. I really had a chance to soak in the little things I love about her.
Today is the first time I have really noticed her pretending. This morning she was playing with her snap and style dolls (which she Loves) and she would hold one up and say "you fly" and "jump".
Later in the morning she was holding her stuffed minnie mouse and a spoon. She would lean down and take a "scoop" of the floor and turned to her Minnie and said "Minnie, you eat floor".
Now, I know this isn't actual full our pretending or role playing...but it's a start.
Just a few minutes ago she was holding her Minnie and Mickey, and she had them laying next to each other. She picked up Mickey and stood it over Minnie and said "wake up Minnie. Wake up"
So it is pure love that I have for my baby. I love everything about her. She is growing up and I love it. She will however always be my baby :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Flashback


2010 – Rylee

My little chubby valentine last year.  Look at those cheeks.  This year she is wearing the same shirt amazingly (It was big last year). 

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 43 – The Poky Little Puppy


Engrossed in her book.


I am Caught up!  YAY!

Day 41 – Washing Clothes


Another shot from the museum…..Like I said, we are there ALOT……I showed Mya how to wash clothes the “old fashioned” way.  She was doing a great job washing the apron.

Day 40 – Toucan Laughter


After story time at the museum the girls played for a while.  There is a toucan in one of the trees and Haven just thought it was HILARIOUS

Day 39 – Little House


Rylee received this dollhouse for Christmas.  To say she likes it is an understatement.  I often hear her saying “Grandma…Hurry up Grandma.” 

Rylee isn’t the only one who enjoys this.  Mya and Madelyn were busy playing and conversing about who got to use the potty and where the mommy needed to sleep.

They really enjoy when I get this toy out.  It normally is considered a “Rylee’s Room Toy”  That means that it stays in Rylee’s room where the kiddos’ aren’t allowed.  This is because I feel that Rylee has to share almost all of her toys and think she should be able to have some special toys that she doesn’t need to share.  This works great and sometimes she wants to bring a special toy out to share and I am totally fine with this. 

It is a great way to teach her to share and also keeps some of her toys from becoming broken.

Day 38 - Miles


Miles was pretty excited to get outside even though you can’t tell by the picture. 

Day 37 - Stacking


Can you tell we spend alot of hours at our local children’s museum?  We do.  And I tend to take ALOT of pictures there.  The kids are having so much fun and are really into what they are doing usually. 

Rylee really enjoys the portion of the museum that is for building/architecture.  They have foam concrete bricks that you can move on an conveyer belt or build with, and “hut”/house from a different place, blocks to build with, nuts and bolts and the infamous “screwdriver” that Rylee will carry around most of the day.  She just loves it.

Here she was attempting to “build a house”.

Day 36 – Lovin Her Baby

We are playing catch up.  I finally recieved the charger cord for my lap top in the mail today, so now I am attempting to get caught up on my daily picture project/editing. 

I have 2 kiddo’s napping, one at preschool and one playing in her room…. So what better time to try and catch up then now.


Rylee has been really into her dolly’s thanks to two little girls who are here during the week that really like to play dolls.  I was so impressed with how gently (for the most part) she treats her dolly’s.  She has this one in particular that she really likes. 

I caught her playing with her doll in the hallway one night.  She was rocking her and talking to her and just being a great mommy! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Update

I'm not MIA.........

My laptop charger is on the fritz and the battery is cruddy there for I am not able to get on my computer to edit any of my recent pictures nor get any of the ones saved on my computer. A new charger is in the mail and will hopefully be here soon. I am not enjoying using my hubby's computer nor either is he enjoying me using it. I tend to mess up all his settings according to him.

So I will be back soon for anyone wondering........Just laying low and enjoying a few days semi-unplugged! Literally.

A quick update on the peanut also - Rylee is doing good. Her last clinic appointment (In January) showed the dreaded Pseudomonas in her culture. We were very bummed as she hasn't cultured it since 5 months old but we put it behind us and are determined to conquer it again. We started inhaled TOBI and also Hypertonic Saline. The only downside to starting both of these is that our treatment time when from an easy 30 minutes to more like an hour and 15 minutes.

Rylee is a trooper though and never complains. She knows she has 3 nebs and luckily her cough has deminished.....or so we thought (as i type this she just coughed ..ugh) The constant cough at night has ended for the most part though. I am hoping to get her in again as soon as we finish the 28 day cycle of TOBI and get her cultured so we can figure out the next plan of attack.

So prayers for my peanut to rid her body of this nasty bug. Otherwise she is back to her normal sassy stuff!

We will be back soon with pictures from the week! It's been a busy week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 35 – Sleddin’ - Sorta


We went sledding – Sort of.  I pulled the two girls around the culdesac and up the street in the sleds.  They thought it was fun and didn’t want to stop.  I wasn’t as convinced of this hard work, I mean fun. 

And what else do you go for when you head outdoors to play in the snow…..Golf Clubs of course.  It’s the first thing they grab when we head out front.  Crazy girls.

By the way…this is an unusual picture for me – Rylee is actually smiling and looking at the camera.  AMAZING!  I am pretty sure I told them we couldn’t sled anymore unless they smiled for the camera……BRIBES

Day 34 – Big Girl Bike


This picture is really bad quality…..but it’s the only one I took of her riding her big girl bike on Thursday.  She was actually able to pedal for the most part and was sooo proud of herself. 

She looks so grown up on a big girl bike.  I even had to raise the seat up because of her long legs.  Where did my baby girl go?

Day 33 - blue eyed beauty


The blue eyes on this little girl amaze me.  And I must say she is one of the most photogenic little ones that I have taken pictures of. 

Have you noticed that I have more pictures of other peoples children then of my own precious one?  Well she is at that age right now where she knows mom is gonna snap the picture so she turns away and refuses to look at the camera.  I get alot of pictures with hair covering her face or her back side.  I need to come up with some good bribes!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 – Computer Time


Rylee loves the computer at the library.  We headed there today since it was soooo cold outside and we have been getting a case of cabin fever these last couple of days with no kiddos/friends here to play with.  The library was the perfect place for today.

I love that the computer games are toddler friendly.  She can even run most of them herself.  Wonderful!

Day 31 - Say Cheese!


This was the response I received when I asked Madelyn to say cheese.  She is too funny!

Day 30 – Baby Kasey

 0114111616a 0123110857a 0124111103a

So this is totally cheating – But again, I didn’t even pick up my camera this entire weekend.  I attended the birthday party in the casino, and apparently my family knows how to party so I didn’t get enough sleep.  In turn, I was a pile on Sunday and went to sleep around 6pm.  So I am cheating on todays photo, as I did on yesterdays also.

My friend Kristi had her baby about 2 weeks ago.  They had been trying to get pregnant since before my wedding in 2007.  Finally they were able to and this little buddy boy is turning out to be the naughty little boy I told her she was going to have.  He pushed a little too hard 2 weeks ago and was born via c-sections at 5 weeks early.  He remains in the NICU but is stable and improving every day.  We are hoping that they will get to take him home this Friday.  They are ready to have their Family and they are more then deserving. 

The first picture is baby Kasey at 2 days old I believe.  Rylee looked at this picture and said, awe..baby Kasey crying.  The next two pictures are from about a week old.  I can’t wait to visit and hold the little peanut when we venture out their way in February. 

Sorry about the picture quality.  These pictures came from my friend and only the first one was really taken on her phone.  The rest are pictures on her phone of pictures they had printed.  No phones in the NICU :( = No photo texts.