Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review: Restless in carolina

A quick review for this book.  I don't normally like to review novels, but I chose this one because it looked interesting. 

At first I struggled to get into the book.  It wasn't catching my interest.  However, that soon changed.  The books story line captured me and I was finally able to read and stay in the story.  From the tree-huggin girl to the non green developer the book was a great read.

Like I said though, the book was a tough start but ended on a good note.  Definetly one that you have to keep reading to find the joy in it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

photo shoots galore


I know, I know…Pretty impressive title for someone who is nothing but an individual who enjoys taking pictures and editing them.  I’m by far not schooled in photography, nor am I in Photoshop, but non the less, I love experimenting and snapping pictures. 

I started out snapping some pictures of my cousin for her senior pictures. 


Soon after I took some pictures of Rylee’s friend Haven.

Haven Bright EyesHaven CheesinTeal smile

I must admit that this little girl cracks me up.  She did awesome.

And finally, just last night, I snapped a few pictures of Mya and her sisters.  They are so much more comfortable with me after being around me for a year.  They did wonderful too and are super cute of course.

girls togethergirls museum sittinggirls close up

Last but definitely not least, I snapped a few shots of my Rylee.  Some time this week I am headed back out with her to take some birthday pictures.  Think lots of bright pink, light pink and aqua colored balloons.  I am super excited.

Rylee flower hat

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tie Dye Party–The actual Party


The party is past but I have been slowly working on uploading pictures and have since had 3 friends 7 family photo shoots to work on also. To say we are still busy is an understatement.  So these pictures are mostly straight out of the camera – no editing done – meaning most are dark and off centered, but oh well.  Better to get them up then not. 


Getting ready to open presents


birthday cupcakes


The weekend was super hot.  That of course didn’t stop the kiddos from wanting to be outside all day long.  It was the perfect family birthday for Rylee.   She loves camping and absolutely adores her cousins.  With all the activity and fun, we totally forgot to make our tie-dye shirts that we had brought along.  Oh well.  Our party was perfect.