Friday, November 26, 2010

gma card

I Love Grandma Mother's Day 5x7 folded card
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful Giveaway at A to Zebra Celebrations

Click on over to A to Zebra Celebrations to check out her giveaway worth over $170.00! Such cute products and businesses! A little something for everyone. Entering is as easy as "liking" each business on facebook or picking out a fave product on their etsy store or website.

I have my eye on some bows so if I don't win (which I don't usually) I might just have to order some bows for my sweety's christmas outfit!
Go check it out.....not to mention that Nancy is totally awesome at what she does. :)



So once again, we have been MIA for awhile with the exception of a wordless Wednesday here or a flashback Friday there.  It’s been hectic here again.  So hoping to actually get the pictures off of my camera and loaded onto the computer so I can upload some.

Rylee came down with what we thought was a cold last weekend.  We upped treatments and were prepared to ride it out until the night of extreme coughing occurred.  So the next morning (Monday) I made a quick call to the clinic who so graciously let us come in for a check up.  Turns out the little cold that Rylee was nursing was due to a double ear infection and a moderate growth of H-flu.  So back on antibiotics we go – hoping to really kick the ear infection and H-flu that are taking up residence in my little girls body right now. 

Things didn’t seem to be getting better, however I believe it was the worse before the better part that I was experiencing.  The antibiotics loosened everything up and she was able to cough up some junk.  She now seems to be on the mend.  Way less coughing going on and the nose isn’t a fountain of snot like it was 3 days ago.

So back to normalcy we go.  For now anyways.

Other updates from our house – Rylee officially kicked the paci habit.  She has been paci free for 2 weeks and she did amazing with it.  However we possibly think that the lack of sucking may have lead to the ear infection….but thats just our theory.

Other then that, we don’t have too much more happening here.  We have a trip to the museum planned for Tuesday with the girls and then Wednesday is sure to be busy with gymnastics in the morning followed by a pizza party and then off to the movies to watch Tangled.  The girls are off until Monday then and we are more then excited to see all our family for Thanksgiving this year.

Sad to announce that there are no pictures for this post.  like I said above, they are all still on my cameras card and I haven’t had time to upload them to the computer.  So no fun pictures but there will be some soon.  I promise! 

Happy Monday Everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010



I have always been a fan of shopping on for a variety of photo prints ranging from individual 4x6 prints to 20x20 photo books or also 12 month calendars.  I have never ordered Christmas cards through there and this year seems to be the year. 

I always look forward to sending out Christmas cards, spreading the cheer for a merry and bright holiday season.  I also love picking out the perfect picture to place on the cards and coming up with the best wording for the message we want to deliver. has made this task so much easier and I really look forward to picking out my cards from there this year.

I believe I want to go with a Merry and Bright theme consisting of bright colors, black and white photos or muted aged photos, however I am indecisive on if I want one photo or more then one.

I have browsed through searching for the perfect card to send to my family and friends showcasing my little darling.  There are so many options and I am super excited to get my order in.

Visit and check out there huge selection of christmas cards here

I absolutely adore this card

Found Here

I also really love the simplicity and the colors of this one:

Found Here

I also think that the snowflakes on this one are so appealing.

Found Here

I really think I could go on all day about the cards that i like.  There are so many different designs that it’s time for me to just start putting my own pictures in them to see which one I truly like the best. 

Head over to and check them out for yourselves.  Not only do they have Christmas cards, but they also have desk calendars, mugs, and a variety of other products also. is running a promotion for 50 free holiday cards to bloggers.  Sign up now here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Photo Fun

Tehya Standing p1 Jaelynn tree standing p1 







sisters leaves p1

Haven Mouth Wide Open P1 Haven 2 p1 Haven Look Up P1 

A quick sneak peak at some cute little girls that I have shot this fall.  Lots of little girls! :)  I am loving the fall colors during this time of year!  It’s beautiful out there.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback Friday


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, November 1, 2010

Howdy Partner!

 DSC_3108DSC_3107 DSC_3109





We spent our Halloween decked out like a cowgirl!  We took in the Halloween Event at the Children’s Museum and then headed out trick or treating.  Rylee I think picked skittles at every house!  I must say that she is my favorite cowgirl out there!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully safe Halloween night and the sugar highs are wore off for the start of the week! Happy Monday!