Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Last night we went out to our fave photo spot to take some quick fall photos of Miss R. before it gets too cold for her to be out in her nice little skirt. Of course we have the many pictures of her and her daddy. She loves her daddy so much and is such a daddy's girl. When she was sick she wanted nothing to do with mommy. She is slowly getting back to wanting mommy every once and a while but mainly she wants her Daddy. She cries when he leaves in the morning. Laughs and giggles at lunch when he comes home, but cries when he goes back to work. Then when he gets home after work, for the next 2 hours, daddy has a nice little shawdow.

This has got to be one of my favorites from the shoot. I love her little smirk. She is my little stinker and I love her so much!

It's so much fun now because she can stand and walk and I can capture it. Well i should say I can usually capture it. I had my fair shares of the blurry head as she was tumbling to the ground, and the cut off head, etc. But they make for some fun pictures.

I love this one too. Doesn't it just remind you of a magazine cover or something. OK, so maybe not, but I do love the feel of it. The sun peeking out over the rocks and my little R. just so intensely looking at the rocks. I don't think she had every seen rocks or felt them and this is what her expressions were!

This was taken right before she bit the dust. She tumbled forward then caught herself but over compensated and fell smack dab on her bum. And she was focusing so hard on keeping her balance. What a sweety.

So Last night I also had the joy of visiting online with an old friend from school... She has since started her own little photography business and I was anxious to get some tips. I showed her my pictures and she was more then happy to give me some tips. I have been working had on figuring out how to shoot on manual but it's tough. She told me to keep at it as I would be so much happier with the results. I thank her so much. It was very nice to have some outside input!
Well that's all for right now. Have a wonderful Wednesday Blog World

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Tidbits

Today is one of those days I don't have any events to blog about, so we'll leave it to the Today's Tidbits to take the place of today's blog.

Tidbit #1

I love love love love love staying home with my little girl. I have so much fun with her, and love that I get to watch her every milestone and growth. To speak of that, today while she was eating breakfast which consisted of a apple cinnamon granola bar, I looked at her and here she was just eating like such a big girl. Granola bar was in both hands and she was taking bites off the top of it. Usually s he manages to tear it to shreds before she eats it, but today it was so neat and precise. She's growing up way to fast.

Tidbit #2

Speaking of breakfast, Rylee also had yogurt for breakfast. We are big fans of yogurt as they can have a lot of fat and calories in a small amount and for a little child with CF that is very important. Well anyways, I found at WalMart Dan-o-nino yogurt. Now I'm not usually a fan on Dannon yogurt as it's really thick, but the size is what got me. It is half the size of the trix yogurt that we usually get. Rylee loves it. She'll easily eat the whole container and we don't waste any. They also come in the cutest little cups which are going to make awesome paint cups someday.

Tidbit #3
I am going shopping in a week and I am super excited. I am going with my sister and 2 of my cousins and we are having a "girls weekend". I am very worried about leaving my daughter, as it is the first time that I will leave her over night and it will be for two nights, but it has to happen sometime. We are going to an outlet mall and I am hoping I can find some really good deals for my little one. She is in desperate need of nice clothes. She has tons and tons and I do mean tons of sweat suit know sweat pants and hooded zip up hoodies with little tees to go underneith. I sersiously think she has like 10 different outfits like that, but no jeans, hardly any sweaters, no skirts or fall/winter dresses and the biggest of all - NO SHOES. She only has one pair of shoes that aren't sandals and this winter we will need some shoes.
Tidbit #4
This winter we are going to be staying home a lot. We have already started not taking Rylee out of the house much. I mean, we still go to outdoor places like the apple orchard/pumpkin patch, but we steer free of places like Walmart, Grocery Stores, malls, Target, etc. There are so many germs out there. What is everyone else doing to stay healthy? We also try to increase Rylees intake of yogurt as it has probiotics and help keep the healthy bacteria around incase she needs to go on antibiotics. Other then that, We don't allow shoes in the house, People must wash hands when entering or use hand sanitizer and again if they touch their nose/mouth/eyes/ or go to the bathroom (no brainer there)...I also try to clorox/lysol everything like door nobs, fawcets, counters, etc. atleast every other day.
Tidbit #5
OK, so I have been watching Dr. Oz in the mornings lately and WOW.....It's a major Eye opener. My newest obsession with germs is the Bathroom. Now with Rylee having CF, we already try to keep her out of the bathroom, and we keep her toothbrushes (Yes I said Toothbrushes and will get to that in a bit) out of the bathroom and I wipe the bathroom down each night during her bath.. But here are a few little things that never crossed my mind but I am now anal about.
-Shut the toilet lid before you flush. If it is open and you flush, the bacteria from the feces and urine can fly up to 20 feet. Most bathrooms are not even 20 feet, so they can go out the door and into the next rooms. GROSS! I now shut the lid every time before I flush. All that cleaning is a waste otherwise.
-Toothbrushes - Don't keep them covered. Its a breading ground for bacteria. After you use them you should either swish them in Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine. They must be swished around for 30 seconds to actively kill any bacteria from your mouth on them.
--Now comes Rylee's toothbrushes - We have never kept them in the bathroom but instead in her room next to her changing table. (HELLO) not so safe. So now we keep them in her medicine cupboard (yes cupboard) in the kitchen. And she has about 15 toothbrushes. This way, if I get busy and don't get around to cleaning them right away, she still has a clean one to use. I swish them in water first (bottled water) - then in hydrogen peroxide for 30 sec. and then I let them air dry. Before she uses it the next time, I swish it in listerine for 3o seconds to ensure that their is not nasty taste on it - Even though Hydrogen Peroxide isn't suppose to have a taste. I then rince in Water as Listerine has flouride and toddlers aren't suppose to swallow that. So Rylee's toothbrushes remain germ free for the most part.
- Purses - Did you know that purses are nasty and full of germs? You should never bring your purse in and set it on any counter or chair. We try not to even set it on the floor as Rylee crawls there. You should have a hook by the door to hang your purse on. They also make some neat hooks that you can hang off the table when you are at your desk at work or at a restaurant eating so they don't sit on the floor and this brings me to my final topic -
- Shoes - Shoes can track bacteria and germs into your house and they can live on your floor/carpets/ shoes for 7 days. We got rid of all the carpet in our house for this reason. NASTY
OK, so that's enough for today. Hope you find this rambling somewhat informational and if you take anything from it...Wash your hands and put the lid down before you flush! Ta Ta - and happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh What A Week

well well well. This last week has been quite the week. Miss Rylee decided to give us quite the scare as she spiked a fever that got up to 103.7 at some times. It all started on Wednesday night. We had a doctors appointment with her cystic fibrosis doctor on Thursday and we were so excited as we had made it a full 3 months in between appointments. This is the most you are allowed to go in between visits and we had made it. Low and behold, Wednesday afternoon Rylee's temp goes up and up and up. They tested her for H1N1 at the clinic visit and as far as we know that was negative. SO they told us to wait it out and see if it continues. Well thursday morning it was at 103.7......Way to high for me, but finally on Friday night it went down to 100.6 and now finally we are fever FREE! YAY. We are still waiting to see if she cultured anything in her sputum culture on Thursday to see if we need to start her on her nebbed antibiotics again.
Rylee did try to color, or mommy tried to get her to color. This is how that went.
Picking my nose!

Mommy, this is boring!

OK, I will pretend to color (IE. Move the crayons on and off the paper!)

So there wasn't much going on this last few days but recovering but we did sneak out to the apple orchard to pick a few apples. Here are some pictures from that adventure.
This is actually at the farmers market. The one pic of rylee smililing of course with her paci in.

Walking into the apple orchard! I love it

One of my faves, only if Rylee would smile, the little stink.

This is just another walking one. I love the look of the sepia

We are skipping story time from here on out bc of the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu. Rylee will be going in to get a flu shot at some point this week and then the H1N1 shot when it gets here.
I am hoping to organize my crazy messy ribbon stash that is all over the island in my kitchen. I am working on some sassy halloween bows for Rylee and her little CF friend Reese. Rylee is sending Reese a halloween care package! After seeing all the crafty stuff on peoples blogs and the mention of holiday swaps, I thought, we could do that. Rylee and Reese share a very special bond that not many understand. They could both use a little extra love on random days. And how special to get a package in the mail addressed to them. They will really appreciate it when they are 5 and 10 and 15. :)
Well I better get busy. My dad brought his elliptical down for me to use this winter and I am starting my workout routine today. Wish me luck!

Enjoy the week everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin'

On Sunday we went to the Pumpkin Patch. This was Rylee's first experience, and although she couldn't actually get down and walk or crawl she was still pretty happy. It was so prickly in there as not many people have made the trek to get pumpkins yet, so the vines were still very tall. It was also very windy. But she enjoyed it and we got 1 big pumpkin, 3 medium ones, and 2 tiny ones. I didn't get the chance to take her picture with the pumpkins, but we will be going out there again soon to take some fall photos! Enjoy the pictures for now of Rylee, Mommy and Daddy!

And this picture is of my little girl grinding her little teeth. She does it all the time and it drives me up the wall.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet Shots of my Cousin

So this weekend I took a couple pictures of my cousin. She is a sophmore in highschool. I am so very used to taking photos of little kids and toddlers that this was somewhat difficult for me. I'm not good at all at the posing her into positions and she was not going to let it be natural besides a couple simple hands at the side shots. She wanted me to tell her exactly what to do. So we were both stubborn! I guess this was deffinately a learning experience. I think we got a couple of clear, clean shots that look good. So here they are!

This afternoon after a quick nap, we are going to take the little princess to the pumpkin patch to see if it is open. We are going to get our Halloween pumpkins! Hopefully I can snap a couple of sweet shots of her and all of her excitement to see the pumpkins for the first time. Last halloween we had a couple of small pumpkins that we took her picture with, but not many and she was only 1 month old so really didn't understand nor realize what the pumpkin was. I can't wait to see the expressions on her face.
And speaking of Rylee, She is walking now! All over the place. It all started when we would set her in front of us and she would take 4 or 5 steps to us. Next she would randomly chance in and walk from the couch to the chair. Well last week she was taking off from the chair to the middle of the floor and by the end of the week she is very cautiously walking from place to place. I am so excited! She is getting so big and it makes me a little sad but I can't wait to see all of her achievements and new things that she can do as she grows each day!
We have a busy week this week. We have story time, a doctors appointment, and maybe a little finger painting in there! Pray for good results at the doctor. It's our one year appointment and I am anticipating blood work and a possible xray - all of which are yucky when you are one or in my case older! We ask for prayers each day to keep her healthy, strong and all the nasty bacteria away from her precious lungs. Also we hope that the H1N1 flu stays far from this little household.
Thanks for all your prayers, and Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Tidbits

To Keep with posting frequently, I will begin doing Today's Tidbits on days where there isn't much happening in our little lives! Today would be one of those days! Just various little tidbits of information about me, my likes, my loves, and my world!

1. My favorite color is purple. Suprisingly though, my favorite color on my baby girl is PINK. I love the way she looks in bright pinks, light pinks, and all shades of pink really. But for me, my favorite color is purple. Of course, it's not the favorite color I like to wear. I actually kind of despise the color purple on myself. I much prefer aqua blues, greens, greys, reds and browns on myself. Weird, maybe, but that's me!

2. Even though I am a stay at home mom, and can't imagine it any other way, I do love the weekends. To have my husband around the whole day is something I love. I can't even phathom the idea of having to take my dear daughter to someone else to watch during the day but I really get excited waiting for my little free time to myself during the weekend.

3. I am very notorious for being a tad bit on the anal organized way. I like everything to have a spot. It drives me absolutely crazy to have clutter although we have tons of it in our house. Out of sight to me is truely out of mind until I have to look at the location of it. With this, I am also a pack rat. I have stuff from when I was little that I can't part with, but serves no purpose what so ever. With Rylee's CF, alot of the toys and dolls from me growing up certainly are not clean enough for her to play with so they just sit in the basement.

4. After we recieved Rylee's diagnosis, I became a major germ-a-phobe. I was never like this before. I would wipe noses, cover little ones coughs for them, protect the kids, but never worried about my own self. I also thought those cart covers were rediculous, take and go placemats were a waste of money and a big user of dishtowels, wash rags, etc. Now, I don't go anywhere with my baby without my cart cover, she never eats without a placemat, and I mainly use papertowels to clean with. Call me crazy but germs are nasty and bacteria is even worse. Yuck a pew!

Well there are my tidbits. I'm sure more will come later on. Have a wonderful Thursday blogworld!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My little stylish baby decided she was old enough to climb in and out of her toddler bed. She has been sleeping in the pack and play due to her major room aversion that she has, but finds it funny to crawl in and out of her bed. She does take naps in her bed and crawls out and into the living room when her nap is done.

And this is just a shot of my little diva's outfit. Wow am I so happy I had a little girl to dress so stylish. I couldn't get enough of her in this outfit. Little miss Miss-matched!

Well the whole purpose of this post was actually to show my new found hobby! I have always loved the way little bows look and I absolutely am madly in love with KORKERS! I finally started to make some and boy are they so super easy to make. I love the packs of ribbon from Targets $1.00 section. Very easy to match the colors/patterns.

I have yet to buy the alligator clips to put them on. Actually, I bought some from WalMart, but they are way to big. So as soon as I get some ordered online, I will be able to start letting my baby wear them. The big orange bow is for her halloween costume. She's gonna be a pumpkin!
So today's agenda includes getting miss Rylee a haircut. It will be her second one. I am very hesitant but her bangs are once again in her eyes. We are just going to trim it up! Hopefully it all goes well. Other then that we will be staying home maybe swinging on her swingset. I am so nervous about the swine flu that we don't mozy far from home. I really don't want my baby to get sick with it. So on that note, let me know how you feel about the vaccine. Leave me a comment!
Well off to work on some phone calls, apppointments and cleaning. It's never ending!
Have a wonderful Tuesday world!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So this morning while I was working so dilligently at making my daughter some pretty pink and white korkers to go with her new SDSU sweatshirt and skirt, I hear in the background the alphabet magnets on the fridge singing the ABC's. All of the sudden a little girl chimes in with ahh bahh dahh haah, baby babble but awefully close to the ABC's! She is so funny and must be part genius (of course that's accroding to her maybe a little too much biased mommy!). It was adorable and she just loves to push the music button and listen to the alphabet song.
And here are the pictures from the A's photo shoot! I took the two kiddos by myself while their mommy and daddy went on a date night! I left my little charmer at home with her daddy. On the way to the park I asked if they were going to smile nice and I got tons of Yeppers! And they did. Ash is just a little model when it comes to taking pictures. She is full of sass and poses. She was just constantly asking if we could take a picture here, and How's this look?
A on the other hand is quite the lady's man but hates to look at the camera for any amount of time. I don't know how many pictures I have with his eyes looking off to the side or outerspace. He is total boy though and found a stick that he sure wasn't going to leave behind!
They both did awesome though, and I love what we got from the shoot!
Ash in her model pose!
The pictures of Aidan in the trees were so much fun to take. Although he is all boy, he kept looking at me like, why am I up here. As frightened as he was, as soon as the camera came out a big cheesy grin was put on!
They are so adorable. This family sure does hold a special place in my heart!
This is one of the first ones we took. It turned out good although A was having some issues with the sun I believe.
And one of my favorites here. They both look so sweet and really smiled nicely!

I have a ton more but decided to only post a select few. The kiddos were awesome and I will deffinately be shooting some more of them in the near future.
I have a shoot with little princesses tonight! Hopefully it goes just as well. Their mom will be with which is a first for me. Right now I have been working on upping my portfolio so the only other person around while I shoot is usually my Havens mom whom which I am super comfortable around. It will be very interesting and hopefully all goes well! I hope to get some awesome shots of the three! I will be posting them soon!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and we will visit again tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Overcast and Rainy

Well today is one of those days. It's overcast and rained overnight so that everything is wet with puddles everywhere. I am really hoping it dries up before we have the big photo shoot for the A's. If not, I might be seeing a bunch of wet tushies! Oh well!

So Rylee is officially a big girl! Well, not completely big girl, but somewhat. She is the big 1 now! She was having issues sleeping at night in her room so she has been sleeping in the pack and play next to our bed in our room. Don't get me wrong, I love co-sleeping (although I never thought I would say that - She slept in her room for the first 5 months exclusively minus the first 4 weeks when she was in our room in her pack and play). But I don't know when it turned to bite us in the tush. All of the sudden she would sleep for 2-3 hours in her room and need to come in. So we slowly put her back in the pack and play and she sleeps all night.

Well in all this drama, we decided we did need to lower her crib to the lowest setting as she is a stander now! While we were doing this we just decided to take the front off and make it a toddler bed. We figure she would be able to crawl up and down (the lowest setting is super low) and come into our room by the time she was back to sleeping in her room. Well Today I put her in her room on the bed for nap and she slept there. For 2 hours. And when she woke up, she just layed there and talked. So sweet! We are going to slowly make the transition back to her room now.

On another way different subject, I am so very much in love with those little crocheted beanies. i am dying to order one for her. I love the ones with the big Flower clippies attached. I am super excited to order one!

And talking about new things, I really want to repaint/redecorate our living room and upstairs. It is so drab right now as we have an entire corner with toys and books. I really want to add some color. The downfall to repainting is that It will cause us to repaint the entire livingroom/kitchen/hallway as they are all attached. I am thinking about doing a red. We have white/tan couches and dark wooden stands, shelves and picture frames. However, we do have a red quilt with my darling Rylee's picture on it and 65 roses. So I am not sure how this would look. I guess we will have to experiment.

Well I need to finish cleaning and get rylee cleaned from lunch and her hair done before we go pick the two monsters up!

Have a very good fall weekend even though it's not officially fall, it sure feels like it here.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Refreshing Phone Call

This morning I woke up to a text on my phone. My dear friend Emily was asking me to call when I had the chance. So of course I gave her a quick call...Well not so quick. I think we were on the phone for 2 hours! My poor daughters treatments didn't get done until 11:00 which is 2.5 hours later then normal. We visited about everything under the sun related to babies, toddlers, and CF. Yes, CF however mostly positive about it. We both have our days in which it seems like CF is the devil....But both of our sweet innocent little girls are victims of this nasty disease. It doesn't make then any less precious though, and we will find a cure!

It was so refreshing to visit to another mom going through the exact same thing as I am, the same struggles with jealousy of others that can just feed their babies without having to run to the fridge and dig out the applesauce, open 2 capsules of enzymes spilling beads all over the place and shove the spoon into our little ones mouths, or with constant worries about weight gains/losses, coughs, mucous, fevers, etc. It is so nice to have her and I love that we can chat whenever we feel down and out or happy and giddy. Today was more of the latter! We visited about mostly typical "Normal" baby/toddler things from when they crawl to what they eat, to their smiles and laughs! It was so nice!

So on the topic of CF, my little 1 year old princess was eating lunch today. On the menu was pizza and of course some cheese crumbles as she loves them. She had been taking her enzymes whole the last couple of days and today was no such luck, they went in and came right back out. Finally we got her to take them and she was such a piggy! She ate and entire piece of cheese/sausage pizza and about a cup of cheese crumbles plus 8 oz of milk mixed with cream. I never thought she was going to finish and was worried about having to give her another enzyme.

Well on the lighter and none medical side, I am very excited for tomorrows shoot with the A's! Their little boy and girl are the most adorable things ever. I can't wait. And while I was verifying pick ups/supper with their mom, she invited me to a scarpbooking night with some other moms. I am very excited and hopefully will be able to get some more clients to photograph! I had just recently pulled the scrapbook back out and started to look at it. I desperately need to print some quality pictures before then, but will be doing that soon! Maybe someday I will forego the paper scrapbook and turn to digital, but for now it's mostly for fun! I love it!

Well to leave you with some Thursday Thoughts! Enjoy each and every moment of life. The precious high pitched screams when the little one doesn't get what they want, the beautiful tears from cries for the other parent, the hilarious toilet paper mess when they get into the bathroom. They grow up way to fast and soon these will be some of the most memerable parts of life. Try to catch as much on camera as you can so you never forget the moments!

Breath Easy everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funk Funk Funky!

So i have been going through quite the funk these last couple of days. I spent so much time busy getting ready for the little cupcake party that these last few days or I might even say last week and a half I have been not the least bit motivated to do anything. I really need to jump back on the horse and start doing things again.

We do have a couple of busy days coming up. My husbands parents are coming for a visit this weekend. They live in Arizona and with us here in the upper midwest, we don't get to see them often. Actually Rylee has never met her Grandpa and has only met her Grandma once. So the next couple of days I will be busy cleaning the house in preparations for their arrival.

I will also be taking pictures of the two monsters I love so much - Ash and A! Before I had Rylee, I worked as a teacher at a childcare center and became so particular fond of these two kids. We have since became good friends with their family and do children swaps/date nites. On Friday I am going to pick them up and take some pictures and then bring them home for pizza! Their mom and dad are having a date night. Hopefully, with Rylee at home with her dad I can get some quick good shots of the two.

My main goal is to really seek out some good locations for the next day. I am taking some pictures for another family with 3 wonderful and crazy beautiful girls. My issue is that I have mostly been taking pictures of Rylee and her friend Haven and when you put them in front of some pretty flowers, they have a perfect background. Now with children older and taller, the background will cut them off at the calves. So we hope to find some great spots at the park for this amazing family!

And then on Monday, Rylee starts story time again on Monday. It will be so good to have her around some kids her own age, but I really have a fear of the flu season. Hopefully people will be smart and not come out if they have colds/flu symptoms but you never know. We will see how the first couple weeks go and decide if we will continue from there. Hospital stays are no fun, and we don't want a repeat of the Castle of Care this winter.

Well, no pictures today, but will post some hopefully after the shoots on Friday and Saturday!

Wishing everyone in the blog world a wonderful and fabulous night!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Birthday Bash!

As many of you know, our days are filled with treatments, meals snacks, laundry, cleaning, and disenfecting. Most days pass without me even realizing where the day has went. In the past I have struggled to update any blog that I have started very often, However I am starting over. I am hoping to make this a daily event. I love the fact of writing about what my darling little one and I have done during the days past and updating the blog world about our little lives.

Well my little cupcake turned on at the end of August and we threw her a cupcake party! A majority of the ideas for the party came from the Hissyfits Photography blog . I must say that I just love all the ideas that she had for parties! Being a stay at home mom, made it all the more easier to plan and create and craft!

Here are some of the pictures from the day that we caught on camera!

This is her first ever taste of cake. She seemed to enjoy it, but wasn't overly enthused by getting messy! Oh well! She's going to be my little clean girly!

The cake ball cupcake pops were a big hit! We are even considering forgoing the cake next year and just making cake balls. The cupcakes were a little time consuming and not near as cute as the website that I found them on, but still delicious! And I can honestly say that Rylee like these more then the cake itself!

Cousin Logan watching while Rylee opened presents. He is such a ham!

Rylee walking with her Grandpa. I just love this picture of her feet!

A friends little boy while decorating cupcakes. He was one of the kids that was guilty of Double Dipping!

The tableware. They turned out super cute!

The cake table. Don't mind the mess in the background. The party was meant to be outside and it was a cloudy rain threatening day so we moved it into our not so clean garage. It didn't ruin the spirits of the party though!

A picture of the banner. Well half of the banner! It was very long, and I figure you can get the idea from just half! I made it all myself and was pretty proud of it. I am deffinately going to get a cricut. I borrowed my friends to cut the letters out and it would have made the entire process so much easier and quicker!

Another idea I stole from Bethany at Hissyfits Photography and made my own. I cut these cupcakes out of foam. Originally I was going to spray paint them, but low and behold, spray paint eats the foam... Plan B - I painted them with acrylic paint and they turned out darling! Now if we could have only stuck them in the lawn a little better!

And finally a quick snapshot of the gifts. This little girl got so many toys! Magically she didn't get too many clothes, but a ton of toys! We were very appreciative but had to put some toys up as they were sort of overwhelming to our little cupcake!

As a side note and suggestion, if doing cupcake decorating as an activity, give each child individual portions of each color of frosting. I had originally planned to do this but it was hectic and I forgot so I just put the frosting tubs on the table. Lets just say the sequence of the decorators was spoon in frosting, frosting on cupcake, spoon in mouth, repeat! Not the most sanitary and this germ-a-phobe mom was almost sick to her stomach, however it was all good!
And way off topic, Miss Rylee had her pictures taken this last weekend. Yea yea, I know, I am working on getting my photography business started and I take my little one to another studio. This is because I don't have an indoor studio yet and wanted some good studio pictures. So the point of this is to tell you about how fashionable my little girl was! I got her this little corderoy skirt and this tee and this sweater only in chocolate brown and paired them with some way cute chocolate brown suede boots! Oh my, I was in love with her style! We will be taking some fun fall pictures in this combo and I will post when I take them!
And finally I leave you with this.....Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away! Have a wonderful day!

Haven Photoshoot!

So we took the girls out again to take pictures and Little Miss would not cooperate. I mean, every time I sat her next to Haven a fit was thrown and the shot was over. I don't know what it is about taking pictures with Haven, but I have a feeling it's going to be on hold until she is a little older. On the other hand, she will let me take her pictures if we are alone, or if someone else is taking her pictures. Then she cheeses it up!

Well here are the latest pics of Haven and some of Rylee that I have managed to sneak the last couple of weeks!
This is the only shot of the two girls together.

Haven is such a ham! She is always just grinning and making such adorable faces!
So I am in love with the little chubs on these legs! And the snaps on the jean shorts made for the most adorable ever leg pictures. The grass was a little long, but I still love it!

And here are a couple of my little princess. I only got about 3 or 4 decent pictures of her during this shoot. She can be so innocent and is a true blessing but she is also just a stinker at times but I love her none the less!
This is one of her new faces. She is teething and so she is always chomping and sticking the lips out in a pout. I know it makes her feel better and makes for the most hilarious faces in photos. Priceless
And here before tantrums start, Distraction is key! She was very interested in the flower and made for an awesome shot!
This one isn't very good quality. The lighting outside was very bad. Shawdows all over and with me being not very good at this photo stuff, means that we still do get these photos in which there are shadows. Oh well, still the look on her face is great and she was semi-cooperating with me!
Again, shawdows galore. This would be her "Mommy, I didn't do it!" look. She is so yummy I could just eat her up!
Mom, what am I suppose to do with this silly flower?
Well that was super long, but it is now time for treatments. Not Rylee's fave time of the day, but none the less, makes her feel a whole lot better.
Will be posting later this afternoon, maybe during nap time!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!