Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet baby


Last weekend I took some pictures of a sweet family!  They have the sweetest baby girl.  For not being outside very much since she was born 3 months ago, she did super good. 

I kept thinking that she was older and so I was not very prepared for a baby shoot, but I have hopes to do one soon with her again.

DSC_9719 copy

And her family was just as adorable.  They were so easy to take pictures of

 DSC_9701 copy

and Tehya’s big sister Jae-lynn was so cooperative.  She did whatever I asked.

DSC_9674 1copy

You could just see the love in this family!  They were so happy!

DSC_9748 copy DSC_9612 copy DSC_9660 copy 

And this has to be one of my favorites!  So adorable!

DSC_9695 copy

Thank you Jocelyn for bringing your family out to take pictures!  I can’t wait to take some of each of the girls individually!  Your family is so sweet and so easy to photograph.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boy Crazy Girlies!


I once again had the chance to take some pictures of these little dollies!  They are so adorable – and fun – and enthusiastic!  I love it.

The girls all had some cute little dresses that they wore to a wedding and their mom wanted some pictures in.  They were so cute and I may be having to borrow them sometime for my little darling!

The only hitch was that i was watching a five year old boy for the afternoon and boy are the older two girls just crazy in love with BOYS.  They chased him around like he was the only boy on earth! 


Mya girl – What can i say – I managed to get a few cute shots of you smiling ~ mouth wide open!  It is amazing to me how much you adore your mom and how fun it is to watch you laugh, giggle and smile at your mom when she is being silly! 

DSC_9390 DSC_9565DSC_9539

DSC_9405 copyMiss Madeline – She was so good and attentive.  She is deffinately going to grow up to be a little model!  Every time I called her name she turned with this huge smile on your face :)  And we did get just “1 more spot” as she was referring to where she wanted to take a picture

 DSC_9440      DSC_9354 copy

Jocelyn Jocelyn Jocelyn – SO BOY CRAZY!  These are really the only photos I got of her because immediately after every shot, she ran off to chase the boy!  I had to search for her if I wanted a picture and her mommy had to convince her more then once that all she wanted was cute pictures of her 7 year old and that she is only 7 once.  She did smile for the ones we got and I think they turned out wonderfully!

DSC_9458 DSC_9400Sisters

And finally – Some cute sister pictures!  They are adorable :)  Thank you so much Stephanie for bringing the girls out to take pictures!  They make my job so easy!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Way Over Due – Ton O Fun



About a month ago – I took R. to Ton-O-Fun to meet up with her cousins and spend the day playing on the fun indoor playground and arcade games.

I can honestly say it took all of my might to put the germ-a-phobe in me away and allow my daughter to just PLAY.  But I did, and I am so glad I did.  She had a blast.

Right away she headed for the neat little slide/climber thing.  She was up and down and up and down it.  She loves any type of slide lately.

DSC_9151 DSC_9082

Next thing she did was headed right for the dreaded ball pit.  I had a really hard time letting her play in this, but there was no keeping her out of it.  Luckily the novelty of if only lasted for a little and she never went back into it.  Thank Goodness.

DSC_9085 DSC_9086

Back to the slide!

DSC_9088 DSC_9093

Cousin L. had fun in the ball pit. 


She found another slide and climber thing and decided to try it out!

DSC_9105 DSC_9107

Next we were onto the games – She loved the racecar games and lucky for her there was like 5 of them.  She likes to “drive”.

DSC_9111 DSC_9113 DSC_9115 

Cousin B. joined R. on the double slide.  She is such a big helper and is so good with R.


And this is what happens at the end of a busy 3 hours in Ton-O-Fun.  A big fat TANTRUM on the floor.  Thankfully they don’t last too long and aren’t too bad.  I just sit there in true mommy fashion and document every little bit of it!  Of course I giggle a little everytime I see this.  What a stinker!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Blog!

I started a blog for Team Roses for Rylee.

Hop on over there, become a fan, get updates on Rylee's CF related stuff, Team Roses for Rylee, Fundraisers, and Thee Great Strides Walk.
I am going to use this blog for more of the photography aspect of my life, and of course documenting in pictures Rylee's daily activities and our family life. So nothing really will change on this blog, however we wanted a website for her CF related stuff and a new blog was the simplest way we could think.
So Jump, Hop, Skip over and follow
Giveaways, may occur at random times - So check back often!