Monday, November 15, 2010



I have always been a fan of shopping on for a variety of photo prints ranging from individual 4x6 prints to 20x20 photo books or also 12 month calendars.  I have never ordered Christmas cards through there and this year seems to be the year. 

I always look forward to sending out Christmas cards, spreading the cheer for a merry and bright holiday season.  I also love picking out the perfect picture to place on the cards and coming up with the best wording for the message we want to deliver. has made this task so much easier and I really look forward to picking out my cards from there this year.

I believe I want to go with a Merry and Bright theme consisting of bright colors, black and white photos or muted aged photos, however I am indecisive on if I want one photo or more then one.

I have browsed through searching for the perfect card to send to my family and friends showcasing my little darling.  There are so many options and I am super excited to get my order in.

Visit and check out there huge selection of christmas cards here

I absolutely adore this card

Found Here

I also really love the simplicity and the colors of this one:

Found Here

I also think that the snowflakes on this one are so appealing.

Found Here

I really think I could go on all day about the cards that i like.  There are so many different designs that it’s time for me to just start putting my own pictures in them to see which one I truly like the best. 

Head over to and check them out for yourselves.  Not only do they have Christmas cards, but they also have desk calendars, mugs, and a variety of other products also. is running a promotion for 50 free holiday cards to bloggers.  Sign up now here.

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