Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Kody Day 77


Quick update and post……I have been so behind editing pictures that I just needed to post what I had and move on.  I am missing about 10 days between day 44 and 54 and then some after day 65…..but I will find them and quick sneak them in at somepoint.  But moving on.

Things have been crazy around here.  We’ve been busy with the “daycare” or if it’s considered daycare.  Baby Kody and his sister are the newest addition.  Baby Kody is 2 weeks old…sleeps most of the day….and likes to be swaddled!  Easy baby.

It also gives me quite the  chance to snap some pictures of a newborn.  This pose has been one that I have wanted to try and get better at.  My first couple attempts were no go’s.  Finally I got it, but I couldn’t get the paci away from him.  We will keep trying.

Rylee Update

We officially got rid of the pseudomonas after just one cycle of Tobi Nebs…..Lucky us.  We do however still have a cough, which they treated with bactrim…..But soon after the flu hit the house and we were down and out for about a week.  Rylee is finally recovered and starting to eat again.  She has been quite timid with food.  Her cough is still present, however her lungs sound crystal clear…so we are heading to the allergist to see if that could be the cause of the drainage/runny nose(clear)/cough….Hopefully we can figure something out so we can start enjoying this nice weather.

As for nice weather…..It was here all week long…Will continue tomorrow, but then we drop back down to the 30’s….Total bummer but hopefully in a week or so we can have warmer temps and we can get out of this house.  I am really hoping it happens soon and the weather guy is wrong..

So busy busy busy and lack of posts on my part.  It’s just life here.  Crazy busy


  1. Cute. :) My babies never cooperated for cute sleeping baby photos.

  2. Love those cutie patootie newborns! So precious!

  3. This is BEYOND adorable -- he just looks so content & happy.

  4. new baby cuteness, so adorable!!