Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Hopes


Well, I had high hopes that I would get on here more often, but again, summer is summer and that means being busy.  Oh Well.  Well that and the fact that I am waiting for my dear hubby to add some more space on our computer.  Apparently I have too many photos stored on my computer.  Who Knew. 

Here is a picture of Rylee and her friend Gabe.  Gabe is one of the kiddos I was watching for a while.  He instantly took to Rylee and they became friends.  Since decreasing the kids that I watch, Rylee occasionally still asks where Gabes carseat is.  I’m sad that she misses the kids that came over, but also know that slowing down a little is what was best for her. 


Today I am linking up to sweet shot Tuesday at My3Boybarions

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