Saturday, January 7, 2012

The EVERYDAY weekly dump–Week 1

I know it’s just the first week of this challenge, however, I feel like it’s going great.  I have been remembering to pick up my camera and take some shots even if we aren’t doing anything fantastic or even if we are just sitting around on a very typical day. 

Day 1 (great start to “the everyday” as the only photo I took was this one on my phone!)

We started the new year out with a great big remodeling project. My dad came to help my husband and the two of them ripped out the three holes in the wall, added trim and sheet-rocked and placed bead board on the inside of them. we still need to pain all the trim white and add cupboard doors but the project is coming along.


Day 2

Rylee close up 1-2-12

Cystic Fibrosis is a tough disease.  Winter is especially hard with this disease.  During the summer, there are fewer germs around and we are able to keep Rylee way more active through swimming, climbing and running at the park, nightly walks, bike rides and basically any thing that is outdoors. Keeping Rylee active helps move out and break up some of the mucous that causes her to become sick.  The winter brings in so many more colds and germs and it’s tough to keep her active with it being so cold outdoors.  We do try to do many activities that can get her moving.  She is in Cheerleading and Tumbling and we do take her to open gyms at the gym, Cheer and Gymnastics where she is able to run and jump on the trampolines.  Two years ago for Rylees birthday she was gifted this Trampoline from her friends.  It has been amazing and even after 2 years the kiddos still love it and Rylee is getting quite the work out.  Her jumps are becoming higher and higher.  I fear one of these days she is going to jump head-first over the handle bars.  YIKES!

Rylee Jumping 1-2-12

Day 3

Dress up is also becoming a favorite in the house. Rylee is very much into Cinderella and the dress up clothes come out daily now.

princess's 1-3-12

Sesame Street Live came to town with it’s show Elmo Makes Music.  Santa Clause brought Rylee and her cousin Logan tickets to the show. Rylee loved the first half of it.  She stared at it intently and danced to the music.  It was a great show and very entertaining. 

Elmo live 1-3-12

dance 1-3-12

excitement 1-3-12

Entertaining and fun that is until Auntie Aimee purchased the $10.00 Elmo Balloons for each of them.  Rylee loves to look at balloons.  She always points out the Elmo balloons when she sees them in the stores.  Now holding on to the balloons, well that is a different story.  They recommended that we tie the balloons to the childrens belt loops to keep them from accidentally floating to the ceiling.  Mistake number uno.  I should have tied the dang balloon to my wrist to keep Rylee from fearing that she will float away.  Add this fear to an over tired, non-napped little 3 year old and guess what.  By the time we got to the car we were pretty much in full melt-down mode.  However, the next morning at breakfast, Rylee did hold the balloon again, and it seemed that while indoors with shorter ceilings, the fear is not near as bad. 

stare-down 1-3-12

Day 4

This next picture makes me so happy yet so sad. My little baby is growing up. Three years old. How can that be. Being handed CF, really changed how exciting every little life change and growth is in our house. I am so happy that Rylee is growing and learning to do things every day and has such an independence about her. However it also makes me realize how much of what she has to do makes her grow up beyond her short 3 years. She sits like this two times a day, more if she’s sick, and never ever complains. She holds her nebulizer to her face through two separate medications while she shakes in her vest. She never ceases to amaze me. The most sadness comes from when I look at this and see these small hands, a 3 year olds body, and an ability to do what I know a lot of adults would not be able to do on a daily basis. I know that I would complain every time I had to do a treatment if it was me. She is strong. I love her.

older then her 3 years 1-4-12

We have had some amazing weather here.  On January 5, 2012 the temperature reached 61 degrees here.  That is just unheard of.  We are used to –10 degrees during this time of year not 60’s but I will definitely take it.  We spent the afternoon playing at the park.  2 hours of non stop running, climbing, and laughing.  This however did catch up with us as it was also a cheer night and we have found that we do need a good nap on these days or else we tend to cry through the entire practice.  Note to self – even if it’s beautiful out, don’t skip nap on Cheer nights.

Day 5 - again phone pictures.  I really could use a new phone with better camera.  Too bad my contract isn’t up for a very long time.  so sad. 


Gabe is Rylee’s friend that comes over during the week days.  His mom is expecting and I found it funny that he has begun to play with the baby dolls on occasion.  I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that he has been talking about a baby at home or the overwhelming amount of girl toys that occupy our house.  Either way, learning to be gentle with a baby doll is a good quality for both girls and boys right?


Day 6

I walked into Rylee’s room to grab her blanket for rest time and saw this.  Stacking pillow pets anyone?  Who needs blocks?

Pillow Pet Stacking 1-6-12

Since this challenge is being titled the “EVERYDAY” I figured I should start photographing some of the less fun everyday tasks.  SANITIZE occurs 2 times everyday.  More when Rylee is sick.  We are fortunate enough to have learned of the Avent baby bottle sterilizer and germ guardian nursery sanitizer after about 2 years of sterilizing her nebulizer pieces by boiling them.  This is so much easier and has been a great investment.  We just have to wash the pieces with warm soapy water, rinse with clear water, throw into the bottle sterilizer and add water.  When they are done with the cycle in there, I throw them into the germ guardian and it helps to dry the pieces.  Who would have thought that I would buy a baby bottle sterilizer for my almost 3 year old child at the time, who has been off of the bottle since 7 months or so.   

Sanitize 1-6-12

Day 7

Santa brought Rylee a Nintendo DS for Christmas along with the Team UmiZoomi game.  She has loved it and it amazes me how quickly she can pick up on the game.  It is a math game where she needs to use measuring, addition, patterns, shapes and various other math skills to progress in the game.  The two areas she has struggled with are the addition of numbers over 10 and the greater and lesser questions.  She is grasping the ideas though and that amazes me at the age of 3.

concentration 1-7-12

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  1. So I wrote out a big long comment Sunday night after popping over here on my phone and the darned thing wouldn't post!! So, I am finally today finding my way back to the computer for a bit!!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love having other people to follow along on their 365 journey!!! It helps to keep me accountable too!

    Rylee is such a doll. What an amazing little girl you have. I know you are so proud of her!!