Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So not to leave everyone hanging after my last post on Thursday.....Rylee's appointment went very well. We really liked this ENT doctor and he was very knowledgeable about CF. His recommendation was to put tubes in the ears and check out the adenoids while he was there. If they were inflamed, large, and/or infected he would remove them. If not, he would leave them alone. Tonsils were a no go as he said if they aren't infected or causing her to stop breathing while sleeping then there was no reason to put her through the painful recovery and risk of bleeding/infection.

We met with the scheduler to try and find a date to do the procedures. Well, the only day before the end of the year, was Monday. So we took it, and my little precious baby went under the knife on Monday afternoon. She did really well and they removed her adenoids as they were very very infected and also put the tubes in the ears. She recovered very well and by today was completely back to normal.....naughtiness and all.

Hopefully this will solve our ear infection issues and keep us off of antibiotics for a little longer. I am also hoping that by removing the infected adenoids that we will get rid of these nasty green drippings from her nose. TMI - :)

So now on to our new adventure - Rylee's friend Haven is going to start coming over a couple of days a week, and Miles will be dropping down to one day a week as his mommy started working a different schedule and now gets to spend more time with her baby boy! Rylee will love having her friend around more. Her mommy may be crazy - 3 two year olds is just plum crazy! but we love it and so on to our next adventure. :)

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