Tuesday, August 9, 2011

photo shoots galore


I know, I know…Pretty impressive title for someone who is nothing but an individual who enjoys taking pictures and editing them.  I’m by far not schooled in photography, nor am I in Photoshop, but non the less, I love experimenting and snapping pictures. 

I started out snapping some pictures of my cousin for her senior pictures. 


Soon after I took some pictures of Rylee’s friend Haven.

Haven Bright EyesHaven CheesinTeal smile

I must admit that this little girl cracks me up.  She did awesome.

And finally, just last night, I snapped a few pictures of Mya and her sisters.  They are so much more comfortable with me after being around me for a year.  They did wonderful too and are super cute of course.

girls togethergirls museum sittinggirls close up

Last but definitely not least, I snapped a few shots of my Rylee.  Some time this week I am headed back out with her to take some birthday pictures.  Think lots of bright pink, light pink and aqua colored balloons.  I am super excited.

Rylee flower hat

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