Friday, December 30, 2011

2012–A new year

With the start of the new year, I am again going to attempt to jump in the wagon and try to capture at least one image each day.  Bethany over at Hissyfits photography is starting a sort of blog hop called “The Everyday”  I will be joining her in an attempt to capture at least one picture from each day for the entire year.  Nothing fancy, some may be unedited, some phone pics and some a edited masterpiece (well, as much of a masterpiece as this non-pro mommy photog can do).  I think I will be attempting to post them weekly to make room for jumping back into posting on a regular basis.  It’s been to long.  Nothing like the new year to start this over!

Here’s an image of Rylee with the Christmas tree this December. 



  1. Cute picture! She is soooo adorable! I especially love her hair!

  2. Oh - very brave to try a picture a day. I always think about it, but decide I don't want that pressure!!! Go figure! I'm saying NO in 2012!