Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally – The Easter Pictures


I know, I know, I promised pictures of our Easter fun a while ago – well a week ago, but We have had some beautiful weather and alot of other stuff going on, so I didn’t get to it. 

We spent the Easter Weekend at my sisters with her family.   On Sunday we ventured to my Dad’s to have Easter with our family – my grandmas family to be exact so all of her sisters, kids, grandkids, etc. 


The older kids dyed Easter Eggs and we hid them in the afternoon.  This was R’s second egg hunt so she was getting the hang of it!


Cousin L. loved playing in the sand box outside after the egg hunt.


Cousin B. posing for a picture! 


This picture has a little background.  When we were growing up, my dad would position us on a ladder and take our picture.  We thought it would be funny to take a picture of my sister’s kids like that.  L. wasn’t too enthused about it, but with the help from my hubby (holding him from behind) he sat and looked at the camera for a little while.


Hubby wanted a picture of R. with the sky – just a snap shot and straight out of the camera – nothing special besides the special little girl in the picture!


R. enjoyed playing with all of the cousins outdoor toys.  They have a ton.  This little green scooter was just her size.


This is my cousin M.  She was just thrilled to have her picture taken.  We were outside my dad’s house for the 18th egg hunt.  They just kept hiding the eggs and the two older kids kept looking for them. 


My dad decided he wanted to take a few pictures with the newly finished old truck.  The truck was his grandpa’s truck and they had bought it new! 

This is a four generation picture (with two families)

My Grandma, My Dad, Me and R.  and then switch out Me and R. for my sis and her kids. 


Quick picture of Grandpa with the Grandkids


And one with the full truck in the background


So overall – It was a wonderful weekend.  We didn’t get any pictures of her at the Easter Lunch with the big family because she was so busy running and running and running.  We hold the lunch at our local gymnasium so there is tons of room to run!

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  1. Looks like you had a great Easter. Cute pictures!