Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boy Crazy Girlies!


I once again had the chance to take some pictures of these little dollies!  They are so adorable – and fun – and enthusiastic!  I love it.

The girls all had some cute little dresses that they wore to a wedding and their mom wanted some pictures in.  They were so cute and I may be having to borrow them sometime for my little darling!

The only hitch was that i was watching a five year old boy for the afternoon and boy are the older two girls just crazy in love with BOYS.  They chased him around like he was the only boy on earth! 


Mya girl – What can i say – I managed to get a few cute shots of you smiling ~ mouth wide open!  It is amazing to me how much you adore your mom and how fun it is to watch you laugh, giggle and smile at your mom when she is being silly! 

DSC_9390 DSC_9565DSC_9539

DSC_9405 copyMiss Madeline – She was so good and attentive.  She is deffinately going to grow up to be a little model!  Every time I called her name she turned with this huge smile on your face :)  And we did get just “1 more spot” as she was referring to where she wanted to take a picture

 DSC_9440      DSC_9354 copy

Jocelyn Jocelyn Jocelyn – SO BOY CRAZY!  These are really the only photos I got of her because immediately after every shot, she ran off to chase the boy!  I had to search for her if I wanted a picture and her mommy had to convince her more then once that all she wanted was cute pictures of her 7 year old and that she is only 7 once.  She did smile for the ones we got and I think they turned out wonderfully!

DSC_9458 DSC_9400Sisters

And finally – Some cute sister pictures!  They are adorable :)  Thank you so much Stephanie for bringing the girls out to take pictures!  They make my job so easy!


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