Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet baby


Last weekend I took some pictures of a sweet family!  They have the sweetest baby girl.  For not being outside very much since she was born 3 months ago, she did super good. 

I kept thinking that she was older and so I was not very prepared for a baby shoot, but I have hopes to do one soon with her again.

DSC_9719 copy

And her family was just as adorable.  They were so easy to take pictures of

 DSC_9701 copy

and Tehya’s big sister Jae-lynn was so cooperative.  She did whatever I asked.

DSC_9674 1copy

You could just see the love in this family!  They were so happy!

DSC_9748 copy DSC_9612 copy DSC_9660 copy 

And this has to be one of my favorites!  So adorable!

DSC_9695 copy

Thank you Jocelyn for bringing your family out to take pictures!  I can’t wait to take some of each of the girls individually!  Your family is so sweet and so easy to photograph.

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