Monday, August 2, 2010

Rylee’s Rainbow


We love that time of year when school supplies come out (which just happens to be the beginning of July now).  The supplies are on major discount at all of the stores – markers for a dollar, crayons and glue for 25 cents and even watercolors are on sale for 92 cents.  It’s amazing.  DSC_1286

I had picked up 2 new sets of watercolors hoping to introduce Rylee to them.  She has never painted with more then one color of paint before and so I knew I would need to sit with her and teach her the concept of water, paint, paper, repeat…water, paint, paper, repeat.DSC_1280

To my amazement, she did wonderful.  She didn’t get to much paint anywhere but on her paper. And she loved every minute of painting.


She was so suprised when she swooshed her paintbrush across the paper.  Such beautiful colors.   DSC_1283 DSC_1278

I have learned a few tips about watercolors while working at daycare in the past. 

The first is that I only buy the “ROSEART” brand watercolors.  They are sooooooo bright and vibrant on the pictures.  I love that look.  We have tried other brands, but seem to like the Roseart Brand the best.  I am truely stating my own opinion here, and was not paid to say that. :)

The second tip is that I always take a syringe of water and add a little water to each pod of paint.  This helps the youngest of painters to understand the concept of “Painting” and also to not allow the kids to dig up all the dry paint from the pods.  The water soaks right into the paint color and it becomes more of a watery paint instead of a dry paint with wet paint brush.  This also adds to the brightness of the color once applied to the paper.

I must say that we will be painting with watercolors again and soon.  She loved it so much.  She asks for it frequently, but of course it’s always on our way out.  Maybe they will come out today since it is looking pretty dreary out today!

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