Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terry Redlin Event & Concert


The vogels and us went to the Terry Redlin Event and Concerts a couple of weekends ago.  They had various activities during the day – Phil Baker, stories with arthur, and face painting.  The big event of the evening was the concerts.  Black Hawk, Little Texas and Restless Heart.  They concerts lasted from 7:45pm until about 10:30 and then there was a fireworks show after.  And the best part of all………It was all FREE!  Truely Amazing.


Here’s a look at the amount of people at the concert.  When we got to the area, there was just random chairs scattered throughout the greens.  We left our chairs and went to Ton ‘o Fun after Phil Baker because it was soooooo hot and humid out and when we came back there was nearly 50,000 people in attendance.  All sitting in their camping chairs waiting for the concert.




Here was our little area.  The kids played in the landscaping right next to our area and danced the night away with their cat tails they collected.






And finally a picture of the crazy glow sticks they handed out to us.  They were pink and they were all over the place.  Of course I just accidentally snapped this picture without the flash so it showed up wacky.  Also no editing on any of the pictures because I just don’t have the time to mess around in Photoshop this week other then for my clients!

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