Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Guess Who Is TWO?


We had 2 parties for Rylee this year.  No we will not be having the same number of parties as her age every year.  I think we will stick to 2!

We had a friends party last wednesday night where she got this awesome trampoline from one of her friends.  She can now make the most attractive, pretty girl face ever while jumping on her trampoline!


We also hosted a family birthday party on her actual birthday…Saturday.  She was spoiled beyond belief and got many many many wonderful gifts.  Too many to count really and we are so grateful that our little girl is loved so much.  She says thank you for all the amazing presents.  But most of all she says thank you for sharing her special day with her!

More party pictures to come in a few days.  My baby is 2. oh my!

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