Monday, March 1, 2010

Our 6 Day Visitor

R’s cousin L. visited and stayed with us while his mommy, daddy, sister and brother ventured to Florida to go to Disney World, Sea World, GatorLand and Circ Du Solei.  They are having a weeks worth of fun and R. and L. are having fun entertaining each other.  L is 19.5 months and R. is 18 months so they are almost the exact same age.  They have had a great week hanging out together.


 Eating some yummy lunch…Spaghettio’s, peas, and apple fries.


A favorite this week was looking out the patio door to see what was going on outside.  The first 4 days were too cold to go outside.  BRRRR


They did decide to squat down and say cheese once.  Aren’t they cute and don’t they look like trouble?


Again, Looking out the patio door.  They were wishing they could go outside.


L. really liked R.’s pink hat.  Doesn’t he just look pretty?


The sensory tub was also a hit.  L. doesn’t get to play in one normally so he really enjoyed it.  It was filled with Rainbow Rice and all things Orange for our Orange theme.




Here L. is texting (pretend texting) his mommy.  Phones were another big hit.  My cousin and aunt and one of their friends came down Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning.  They were constantly giving the kids their phones…..Something we don’t usually do.


We were finally able to venture outside and play on Sunday.  The kids had fun running up and down the driveway, helping to scoop the snow, and watching hubby push the snow off of the roof of the house. 


DSC_8203 copy

DSC_8207 copy

Overall it was a pretty fun 6 days.  L slept through the night and adjusted well to being not at home.  No major tears except for when I went to wash his blanket and when it was bath time.  For some reason he did not enjoy bath time at all. 

It will be nice to get back to normal though.  L’s family comes back to pick him up tonight and we will be back to our normal routine and what not.  It was definitely fun having him around for the 6 days though. 


  1. Looks like L and R both had fun! I'm sure R enjoyed having a playmate for six days!

  2. Wow! You are a saint! Now you know what it feels like to have twins! I bet you are beat! It looks like the kids had a blast. I bet L will be asking for a sensory tub when he gets home. HA HA!