Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping Fun!

We were lucky enough to be able to buy a camper again, and we have been trying to get the most out of it this summer.  We have went 2 times since we got it and plan to go again this weekend.  We are also very lucky to live fairly close to numerous state parks which makes going camping fairly convenient for us.

A couple of weekends ago, we went camping and some friends came out for the evening to hang out.  They were going to stay longer but a storm came along and frightened us all away.  We even packed up the camper and hightailed it out of there for a more secure shelter of our home.

But the girls enjoyed the time regardless.  Even if it was short lived that night and we ended up doing banana boats on the grill at home. 


Rylee out at the campground – Looks like she was a little warm.


Miss Madeline riding her bike – She was so careful and waited for every car to pass before she would head out onto the road.


Mya had so much fun filling Rylee’s trike trunk with rocks.  Rylee loved having someone to play with.


Again, Mya showing off her rocks.


Miss Mya posing for a picture


Hugs for best friends


And my favorite picture from the weekend – two 2 year olds (or a 2.5 yearold and a 23 month old but 2 year olds is close enough) exploring the campground together!  SO CUTE!

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