Thursday, July 15, 2010

Officially – The worlds worst blogger!

I believe I can say that I am the worlds worst blogger!  I have great intentions of blogging about every photo-shoot I do, every event that my family partakes in, and everything in between, but I have had some major lack of motivation in that department.

We have been keeping very busy this summer going to the pool, the library, story time, the movies, the park, for walks, and just about anything else you could do during the summer.  We started watching our neighbors grandson a couple days a week and that keeps us pretty busy on the days he is here.  He is now 4 months old and whoa – I was not prepared for how much work a infant is again.  But we love it and every day R. comes out of her room and past the spare room where the pack and play is set up she asks where Mile is. 

R. is now 23 months old.  She is getting so big and I figured it was a good time to check thru some milestones.  She has been walking and running for quite sometime (walking since she was a year).  She now can jump and actually get her feet off of the ground.  She loves to jump.  She is finally talking more.  She says Momma, Daddy, Mile, paci, bottle, outside, phone, Dora, Boofs, Swipey, oh Man, love you, niiiite, buh bye, uppey, abre (open in spanish from dora), hunry (hungry), yumm, and many more.  She suprises us everyday with where she is coming up with her words.  It’s like it just hit her one day that she could speak.  She also repeats every thing we say.

She loves to help feed Miles and give him his paci even though he really doesn’t like it like she likes hers.  She enjoys swimming so much, but only for about an hour and then she is ready to go home. 

R. is so well behaved for the most part.  Of course, like any toddler, she does have her tantrums and moments, but really, she is a very good little girl.  She sits very well at movies and enjoys them for the most part.  She is also in love with Dora the Explorer right now!  She is always asking to watch Dora and Boof’s and Swipey!  Oh Man! 

She also has been working on pedaling her trike (which she almost has mastered) and she loves to go down the slides at all the park.  A new fascination of hers is not only to swing in her swing outside but to climb into the baby swing we have set up for miles and use that.  What a goof!

And now on to the CF milestones

We just had a clinic visit this week and it was tremendously good – we are still waiting for good culture results though, so keep praying!  R. gained 1 pound and 1 inch since we were last there and dipped a little on the growth chart for weight but they think mainly because of the summer activities and how she never sits still!  We finally got her tummy problems figured out by adjusting the miralax doses up and down a little each day depending on how she seems to be eating and pooping!  She can now take 4 enzymes whole on a spoon of applesauce at one time.  She can do it without applesauce too but what fun is that for mom not to have to carry around a spoon and yummy applesauce all the time? 

She also had a major accomplishment this time at the clinic – She didn’t cry at all or shed any tears.  She shook the doctors hand when he walked in and let everyone listen to her lungs.  She was such a big girl and we celebrated by buying her a baby carseat and babydoll to play with!  She loves it!

Well that is the majority of the new milestones and updates!  She is growing up so fast and I miss my baby but I love this age right now!  I only wish that there was a cure for this disease before she grows up to much.  I don’t want her to suffer from it at all.  I have hope though. 

No pictures again, because my computer is lacking the storage space so I havent’ been able to take any pictures off my memory card to edit them for fear of crashing the computer and losing everything.  That problem is soon to be fixed and you will be on picture overload! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! 


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