Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fun!


Fall officially begins tomorrow, or today, depending on where you live and what your calendar says! (Apparently some calendars have it marked on the wrong date)  Either way, the fall weather is here for the most part…….except for yesterday in which we had a sporadic heat wave with lots of humidity.  yuck. 

For us, With Fall, comes all sorts of new fun and concerns.  We start Story time today.  Hopefully we can continue to go for the majority of the time without worrying about germs/colds/illnesses.  Last year we began it in October and after the first session we ended it because of all the “yuck” that was there.  But we will try again this year. 

Fall also brings the opportunity for us to go pick apples, pumpkins and gourds.  We do love the cooler weather and going for walks and stomping on all the crunchy leaves.  It’s perfect park weather during the fall.

We do have many concerns once fall sets in tho.  It brings the beginning of flu season, cold season, threats for pneumonia and just overall germ phobia’s set in for us.  We are planning to not seclude ourselves to the house this year, but we will be taking lots of precautions.  We will not be taking Rylee to our local Walmart as it seems that Everyone there is coughing or waiting for a prescription.  Of course this is just my germphobia talking as we do take her there during the summer months.  In general we try to keep her away from places with pharmacies.  We also are very willing to leave a location (restauraunt, story time, museum) if we feel that there are too many airborne germs from people coughing. 

It is not going to stop us from having fun this fall tho.  We have lots planned.  We have started up our tot time again……..and today we plan on making sugar cookies.  Rylee has never really helped other then to sit on the counter or table and watch, but she’s gonna get to get her hands dirty today!

No pictures today, but plenty to come! We have fun stuff coming up.  :) Lots of Fall Fun!

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