Monday, September 20, 2010

We belong in the circus

     Last week the Kristi-Kole James Circus made a surprise stop in our town so we made a spur of the moment decision to attend.  I am glad we did because Rylee really enjoyed it.  She kept saying circus the next day which was a sign to me that she liked attending and remembers it. 


This circus is much smaller then the Shrine circus that we attended last spring.  There was only 1 clown, 1 elephant, 5 tigers, like 7 dogs and 3 acrobats.   There were a couple of different acts to including the great “Clothes Switch” act similar to the one shown on America’s Got Talent this season.  Regardless of how they switch their clothes and how many layers they have tucked into their outfits underneath, it is amazing they can do it so quickly. 




At this time last week, we were on somewhat of an eating strike from the little miss.  She was refusing almost everything we offered.  At the circus however she indulged on popcorn and SDSU Icecream.  Probably not the healthiest items out there, but both loaded with fat and when she is refusing to eat, Something is better then nothing. 

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