Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love of my life!

Two posts in one day, but I had to. This afternoon, me and little miss took a great big NAP. Like I said earlier, I got home late and Little Miss got up early so we were both tired. We layed in her bed sleeping and I began feeling her stir so I just layed there waiting for her to come climb on me. She came up to me, looked at me and then pulls out the cutest squinty face ever. What a great thing to wake up to! I love My Little Squinty Face!
It is one of the few things that can always make me smile. As in yesterday, while we were attempting to take a nap, well I was attempting to get stink butt to take a nap, I would tell her to lay down and she would stare at me for almost 2 minutes straight faced and then all of the sudden, squinty face! I couldn't help but smile.
This picture is of R. and her dad at the Parade of Lights prior to visiting Santa. I held the camera up and she instantly made the squinty face. This of course is the end of the squinty face so you don't get the full effect, but still, you should be able to get the main idea. She is so cute - and I can say that because she's my daughter and I love her!


  1. How could you not smile at that cutie pie face! Sweet girl!