Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally - Christmas Catch Up Post

I know this is way late as it is already New Years Eve, however, last night blogger wasn't allowing me to upload pictures and I needed to play catch up with my posts and also in my house. So here it is....better late then never right? Well I guess that's my opinion and it's my blog so I can say that right?

First off, Just wanted to show everyone how clean up on Christmas Day occurs in my family. Yes, that is the "MEN" doing the dishes. Every year, we have a HUGE Christmas lunch of prime rib, ham, salads, bread, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and yes, pies and goodies and oh yea, homemade icecream. It is so yummy. The last few years, after lunch, the men have been doing the dishes and cleaning up. It is so funny to see all of the men lined up at the sink washing, drying and putting away the dishes.

- This is two of my uncles and my dad (center) doing the dishes after christmas lunch -
After everything is cleaned up and put away, we always have a gift exchange game. Everyone brings one $20.00 gift and we draw numbers with #1 going first and the highest number going last. You can steal a present already unwrapped or open a new one. It is always fun to watch and see everyone be sneaky and try to hide the "good gift" so no one steals it.
This year I brought a snuggie. When these came out a couple of years ago, we always laughed at the infomercial on TV because they just plain out looked rediculous. I can honestly say that I would never buy one for myself, however if I were to get one, I would probably use it, as would most people. Well my cousin was the lucky one to open this gift. He is a sophomore in college and couldn't believe he got a snuggie. Well it ended up that his dad stole it from him, and of course instead of stealing something else, he chose to open another present and ended up with 2 snowmen mugs, hot cocoa, marshmallows and a blanket. It was SOOOO FUNNY to see his expressions. I can say I believe he was a little dissappointed in the gift game this year, but it was sure funny to watch him be dissappointed!

Well being at Christmas is just plain exhausting in the life of a 16 month old. She zonked out and took a great nap during the gift game. Isn't she just adorable? I think so!

This picture is actually from Christmas Eve Night. The grandkids all opened new pj's, slippers, and sleeping bags. They put in a Chistmas movie and enjoyed some popcorn. A new tradition started.
After the fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we headed out to my sisters for Christmas with my mom. The kids again enjoyed opening gifts from one another and from Grandma Resa and Rodney. Rylee deffinately had fun being "Toted around" by her cousins the entire weekend.

- Hunter is carrying Rylee aound the house -
It was so funny to watch R. interact with everyone. She had no problem going to her cousins Brooke and Hunter, However was holding a major grudge against her cousin Logan who kept stealing her bracelets and necklaces and blanket from her. She also would not go or even look at her Grandpa and was very hesitant to go to any other adults besides her Mom, Dad and aunt Missy. Even Aunt Aimee was on the bad list.
I can deffinately tell that she has been cooped up in the house this winter with little interaction from other people. Guess it's time for mom and dad to get a babysitter and give her some time with other people. Well, maybe we will wait until after flu season.
After the long time away from home, we were all glad to be home. Rylee is just loving her new ball pit and 200 balls along with her dora play tent/tunnel and Everything else she got for Christmas.
She spiked a fever yesterday afternoon and of course all of the doc's at her CF clinic are on vacation, so we took her to the local clinic and they said it looked like ear infection. Poor thing. So we are on another antibiotic for the next 10 days. One of these days all these darn antibiotics will be finished and we can go back to "OUR" normal life which is no where near everyone elses normal.
Well, wishing everyone a safe and happy new year's eve and a wonderful 2010 to everyone!

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