Monday, December 21, 2009

Wow! Really?

OK, So I have recently become the worlds worst blogger. Has it really been this long since I've posted?

Well, We have been some busy and tired people around this household. After our visit from the cousins, the party, and finally getting the house back to normal, we started to think about christmas...Wrapping presents, baking, packing for the fun filled vacation at grandpas and then aunties. Those were the thoughts anyways...Until....The fear of the major winter storm that is about to hit the area. We have about a 2.5 hour drive to get our destination. To say the least, we will be majorly bummed if we cannot make it.

And then of course there is our little peanut who always throws a curve ball into the plan. While the cousins were visiting she developed a minor dry cough. We played it off to the change of weather causing very dry air.....What can I say, I was a tad bit stuffy in the mornings too. Some days the cough was worse then others, but for the most part it remained very dry and sparse.

We had a clinic visit on Thursday and they were under similar thoughts about the cough. We were told to watch it over the weekend and check back in this week if things were not improved/worse. Well I called today as things are not getting better. She has been up 2 or 3 times a night with a stuffy nose. She gets so frustrated because she can't suck on the paci and breathe through her nose. Poor Little girl. So we added to her list of numerous meds, bactrim for 10 days to clear up a bacterial infection in her lungs and guess what - She does not like it. Anything that comes out of a syringe and a little orangesish/brown bottle - not good.

We also added zantac to help the enzymes work better, miralax to help with the stool issues, upped the amount of enzymes and now bactrim. We are still working on adding all of these to our daily routine/regamine. We don't like to overwhelm her system with 3 new things, so slowly we add a little every couple of days.

Well with christmas away from home, we decided to let R. open one present every night until christmas to make it not so overwhelming. She had quite a few presents from us along with from her grandma and grandpa and some friends and we decided we weren't going to haul them all for the ride. We initially were going to open presents here before we left and then just take the gifts from R. to the cousins and 2 or 3 from us to open with the family, however, we didn't think that opening them all at once was such a great idea. we will be opening presents for about 5 days straight, and she will be more then spoiled.

So we started a couple of nights ago. She got this awesome doctors kit from her godparents along with the movie Snow White. She has also opened some art supplies, puzzles, stacking bowls and nesting and stacking blocks and a "feel better baby doll that came with a stethascope, medicine, and thermometer. She has also recieved a tool set from the A.'s and some very cool stuff from her friend Reese who also has Cystic Fibrosis. They are pen-pal friends and love to get presents from each other along with sending some neat-o stuff to each other. R. got a very nice homemade Christmas ABC book, some bathtime tadoodles, a potty book, a doctor book, a pedicure set, an R. Magnet and a tic tac toe game. R. is really scared of the stethascope and doctors right now which is completely understandable.

She still has quite a bit to go and is loving all of the new toys. Here she is opening the doctors kit.

She still isn't quite sure what to do with the presents. She is getting a little more into it as we go, but still gets distracted and doesn't quite understand the concept yet. She seems to like the way the present looks wrapped.

Well thank you to everyone who has sent R. gifts. She loves them all. We are still hoping for some good news for the weather and Hope that everyone has a wonderful christmas and a Happy New Year. We will have a post later about a photoshoot for a family get together with 18 people...........


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  1. note to self - go to nicole's house for the week-long present celebration next year!