Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new Experience - The Wrights!

The weekend before Christmas, I ventured out of town to take pictures of a family - I mean extended family! 19 People total and 9 kiddos. It was deffinately a new experience and a good one to get the jitters out. I now know that I need to be more assertive and creative with my placements and when doing a shoot that big should have an assistant to help keep the attention of everyone. I would say little ones, however when all the little ones were looking, it just so happens that one of the adults wouldn't be.

Overall though, I think I managed to get a semi-decent picture of the entire family and pieced together some others for the family. Here is a sneak peek for the very patient family. With the Christmas holiday, I didn't get a chance to look at them and edit them until last night/today, so here is a little preview.
This one is deffinately a favorite of mine. It took a while to get it together, but I love the way it turned out.
I know "Grandma" wanted a picture for a Christmas Card and since it is after Christmas, i quick put this card together for the "Holidays"

Here's a Picture of Grandma with all the kiddos. Now only if I could transpose the good picture of the adults in behind them this one would be perfect. No such luck though! I tried!

We did get the 1 picture of the entire family (the first picture) and a couple of other ones, and I edited lots of just the kids/individuals.
The family was great to work with and I would love to take more pictures for them as my experience and confidence with large groups grows.
I couldn't ask for a better family to work with on a large scale aspect. They were so cooperative and all such happy people! Thanks so much.

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