Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Night Out!

Last night, I ventured out, on my own. My sis was in the area and so I drove the hour to meet up with her for the evening. I left when hubby got home from work and then drove the hour to pick her up at the hotel. We went out to eat at the Olive Garden and then to the mall and target for a little more christmas shopping. My sister hasn't started christmas shopping yet so she has a lot to do yet. I still have a little to do for the nephews and one of them is having a bday also...so we need to buy some more for that too........

Otherwise we had some great conversation, and I enjoyed my Night Out. I got home around 11:00pm which is way past my bedtime. R. skipped her nap yesterday so she went to bed early and guess what that means - Up early in the am. So I am running on low today and feel a nap coming on today. NO NAP SKIPPING!

Time to go play and get some stuff done. I still need to make a list of exactly what I need to finish shopping for christmas!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Dinner out and Christmas shopping sounds like the perfect girls night out to me! Hope you snuck in a little cat nap today!