Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to the New Year! 2010 What do you hold for us?

When I was thinking about the New Year, I was thinking about my daughter and then realized that although she is only 16 months old, she has officially been here in 3 seperate years! She was born in 2008, turned 1 in 2009 and now it's 2010! It's funny to think about but it's real. She has really been alive in 3 years at the age of 16 months. CRAZY....

Well, With the new year, brings alot of new things. I am officially self-employed. I did the paper work to start my business, Sweet Shots By Nicole. I am hoping this will become a great opportunity for this stay at home mom. I will soon be working on a website, new prices, and getting the lens that I have been saving for. Hopefully with this, comes new customers/clients. That would be wonderful.

We are officially starting to potty train seriously. We are going to the potty every 30 minutes and R. is wearing cutey patooty little leg warmers and undies. I would love to go bare bottom, but can't bring myself to let her run around for the fear of her liking it too much (I babysat for some kiddo's who stripped their clothes off before making it into the house.). So we will work with these undies and see what happens.

I am also organizing the toys and making a better environment for playing/learning for R. My wonderful hubby put in shelves in the toy room for organization and I am moving all of the toys in there. We will pull out 1 or 2 totes of toys in the a.m and 1 or 2 totes of toys in the p.m. Hopefully switching and rotating the toys will keep her interested in them and actually let her explore them more then when we have all of the toys available to her. We will however leave out her larger toys like her crawl and cruise jungle, parents learning cube, jump and spin pony and leapfrog table and ball pit. Occasionally we will pull out the dora tent and tunnel and other bigger toys/yet small enough to store away in the toy room. Books will also remain out at all times.

And to finish the topic of R. I am really going to focus on taking at least 30 minutes of focused play time for "US" Many refer to it as tot school, however it will just being doing an art project, playing, or dancing with just me and her. Each afternoon after nap and snack we will play, craft, and spend time together. Yes, I know, we spend all day together, however, miss R. is very independent. Given the choice she would choose to play on her own. I think this will be a great opportunity for this winter especially and as summer approaches we will focus on a little learning time more then just play time as we will be outside and at the park and pool during the majority of the day.

And finally, back to ME. I am hoping to start eating better and to become better about working out. I am wanting to lose quite a bit of weight that I gained after the pregnancy and before we even discuss more kids I would like to have lost it. Also, after dealing with R's CF and all the medical stuff that goes along with it, It has really put into perspective the risk factors that we choose to do to ourselves. I worry about high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. All of the things that can shorten a life. And I think to myself, we choose to do this to ourselves (as in me and my hubby). We choose to eat more then we should and not exercise near enough. We CHOOSE being the main word. R. doesn't get to choose. She has to deal with what she has. She doesn't get a choice. So with that, the choice I am making is to choose to be better.

So that is what our 2010 is holding for us! Hopefully it will hold it all year long! Here's to a great 2010! Good luck to everyone on there New Years Resolutions. You can Do It!

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