Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Week Tot Time


So It appears that I did not  update on last weeks Tot Time

Our Theme was BLUE.

Our sensory tub was filled with white beans and all things Red.  Hahaha – I had bought a bunch of valentines stuff and used it, not thinking that our theme was Blue.  Oh well.  She loved it.

We put all things blue into a blue bucket and let her explore everything in it.  (We also did this for green and plan on doing it for all of the colors we do).  In the Blue bucket I placed cups, spoons, balls, bouncy balls, porcupine balls, sparkly pipe cleaner, pom poms, Easter egg, cookie cutter and a blue water/oil bottle with blue sequence in it.  (In this weeks green bucket I have very similar items including a green water/oil bottle)

She has taken a love to all things small and round – like the blue bouncy ball and the pom poms.  She also loves to carry around the spoons and forks from the color buckets.

During our Blue Week R. finger painted with blue paint

Rylee Paint Blue2 1-29-10

She placed tooth picks into a washed mined onion container.


She painted with blue paint and a paint brush.

 DSC_7793 DSC_7794

She marble painted a horse blue.  We are reading Brown Bear Brown Bear and recreating the story as we go through the weeks of colors.  She will paint/color/craft each animal from the book.

Rylee Marble Paint2 1-29-10 Rylee Marble Paint3 1-29-10

We also painted over the sticker back with blue paint to make a pretty picture.  No pictures from that activity.  R. attempted to string blue noodles onto a pipe cleaner but this proved to be a little difficult. She did however enjoy handing the noodles to her dad!  Again, No Pictures


R. did various life skills this week also such as taking baths and brushing her teeth.  Here are a couple of the pictures from that.

R. taking a bath. – Look at that long hair.  It amazes me that her hair is that long.  It only is that long while it’s wet. 

And no, I am not a totally mean mom and only let my daughter play with exactly NO toys, but we always wash her face/hair/and then body first because if we don’t she is a pain to get those things washed with toys in her hands.

Rylee Bath 1-29-10 

Brushing her teeth.  She loves to do this!

Rylee Brush Teeth 1-28-10  

So that was the week last week.  She also colored and painted with her color wonder markers/paints and of course we did various puzzles.  I always forget to mention the everyday activities like puzzles, blocks, etc.  I tend to focus alot on the crafts that we do.  Oh well.

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  1. It looks like your "blue" theme was a big hit! Cute pictures!

    Hope you have a great weekend!