Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tot Time: Red and Valentines Day


This week we worked on all things Red, Valentines, Hearts, and Love…….Lots of Love


R. Played dress-up.  Last fall after Halloween I picked up a handful of costumes for about $2.00 each.  She has a Tinkerbell, Snow White, Clown, Dorthy, and this Pirate.  Of all the pretty frilly costumes, the pirate was by far a favorite. 

DSC_7893 DSC_7894


Dot Paint Art

We also did a dot-paint heart with our red dot painter.  She loves these and the dot painters come out each week.

DSC_7900DSC_7896 DSC_7897


Sensory Tub – Oatmeal with all things Red

We filled the sensory tub with all things red.  A red bowl, red cup, red spoon, red fork, red glittery pom poms, red porcupine balls and the normal scoops and tongs.  It still has oatmeal in it.  She is really getting the hang of scooping with the spoon. 

Color Box - RED

We also have the “Red Box”.  This is similar to all the other ones.  I did put a rolling pin from her playdoh toys in it.  She is really liking discovering the colors.

Gross Motor – Snow Play

R. spent some time outside with her daddy while he scooped the snow from the driveway.  The snow was about 3 inches deep which is the deepest she’s walked through.  Usually we just go walk on the culdesac  after they plowed so the snow is pretty much packed down!



Heart Sticker Art

R. worked on her fine motor skills by pulling stickers off the page and sticking them to a heart shaped paper.  She loves this activity.

Placing Colored Sticks into a Sugar Shaker

R. has  a very easy time with this activity.  She very simply places the sticks in the jar.  We have done this using a container from dried onion flakes before, but I decided to give her a little variety and offered her this sugar shaker instead.  It only has 1 hole in it and it has a metal flap that falls over the hole.  Holding the flap up to put the stick in was the most difficult part of the activity. 



Other Activities

We are adding the red flash card in with the blue and green ones that we have been working on.  No, I don’t just sit her and do flash cards with her, but every once in a while I lay the colors we have worked on out on the floor and ask her for a specific color.  She is right about 75% of the time.  She very much enjoys flipping the card or handing them to me as she picks her card.  Of course this activity is a short lived one and only lasts approximately 2-3 minutes.

R. also enjoyed playing with her “Big Ball” and Fisher Price Little People.  She also had her Mr. Potato heads (She has 3 of them) out along with her musical instruments and stacking/nesting cups. 

As always she plays with puzzles, reads books, and runs around the house like a crazy little girl!  It’s time for some nicer weather soon!  This cold and snow is getting old!

We were kind of off on our structured activities.  I also had out a sun-catcher to make from contact paper and tissue paper, but that did not get done, also, our red bird for our “Brown Bear Book” did not get finished this week.  I may hold off on doing the “Brown Bear Activities and just make a week of it after we get through the colors. 

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