Friday, February 5, 2010

Tot Time FUN Overview



Here is a recap of this week during our Tot Time.

Our theme for the week was the Color Green


We filled the sensory tub with oatmeal and all things green.  It took about 1.5 big containers of oatmeal to get it where I wanted it to be.  I added green porcupine balls, green spoon, fork, bowl and cup, green dinosaurs and finally the scoops and tongs. 

The oatmeal really helped R. work on her scooping skills.  She was scooping oatmeal today with the little spoon.  Up until now she has always just dipped the spoon in whatever she was using the spoon for.  Today she actually scooped a large amount of oatmeal on it. 

We will be leaving the Oatmeal in the tub for another week I think.

  Rylee Oatmeal 2-5-10 Rylee Oatmeal2 2-5-10

While I was getting lunch ready one day I sprayed a little Green Silly String on to the table and let her explore it.  It was a little strong smelling so I only left it out for a couple minutes, but she was definitely liking it!

Rylee Silly String2 2-4-10

Rylee Silly Face 2-4-10

We also painted a white paper bag green to be made into a frog puppet.  I don’t have any pictures of the finished product or the link where I got the idea from but I believe it was on DLTK’s website under reptile paper crafts. 

I bought these wonderful paint cups from Discount School Supplies for R. for Christmas.  They really work wonders.  She can dip the brush into the cup herself and fully understands what she is doing.  The brushes are also from Discount School Supplies.

Rylee Paint Green6 2-2-10

Rylee Paint Green7 2-2-10 

We also colored the arms, eyes and tongue of the frog puppet with green crayons, and we worked on using a glue stick for the first time to glue the pieces onto the puppet. 

Other activities we did this week were

  • Placing Green Wood Sticks into a Sugar Shaker
  • Changing shaving cream from White to Green in a plastic bag
  • Dot Painting a frog and snake – For these we used actual magnet pages or bingo dot pages.  I found them on DLTK’s website also.
  • Played with Green Play-doh
  • Colored a frog paper craft green

And Today she will be working on making a turtle from a small paper bowl (like paper plates but a bowl – it just sounds funny to type paper bowl), tissue paper and the glue stick. 

It was a very busy week.  And not very many pictures :( 

We are very excited for the weekend.  Happy Friday Everyone

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