Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 39 – Little House


Rylee received this dollhouse for Christmas.  To say she likes it is an understatement.  I often hear her saying “Grandma…Hurry up Grandma.” 

Rylee isn’t the only one who enjoys this.  Mya and Madelyn were busy playing and conversing about who got to use the potty and where the mommy needed to sleep.

They really enjoy when I get this toy out.  It normally is considered a “Rylee’s Room Toy”  That means that it stays in Rylee’s room where the kiddos’ aren’t allowed.  This is because I feel that Rylee has to share almost all of her toys and think she should be able to have some special toys that she doesn’t need to share.  This works great and sometimes she wants to bring a special toy out to share and I am totally fine with this. 

It is a great way to teach her to share and also keeps some of her toys from becoming broken.

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