Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Update

I'm not MIA.........

My laptop charger is on the fritz and the battery is cruddy there for I am not able to get on my computer to edit any of my recent pictures nor get any of the ones saved on my computer. A new charger is in the mail and will hopefully be here soon. I am not enjoying using my hubby's computer nor either is he enjoying me using it. I tend to mess up all his settings according to him.

So I will be back soon for anyone wondering........Just laying low and enjoying a few days semi-unplugged! Literally.

A quick update on the peanut also - Rylee is doing good. Her last clinic appointment (In January) showed the dreaded Pseudomonas in her culture. We were very bummed as she hasn't cultured it since 5 months old but we put it behind us and are determined to conquer it again. We started inhaled TOBI and also Hypertonic Saline. The only downside to starting both of these is that our treatment time when from an easy 30 minutes to more like an hour and 15 minutes.

Rylee is a trooper though and never complains. She knows she has 3 nebs and luckily her cough has deminished.....or so we thought (as i type this she just coughed ..ugh) The constant cough at night has ended for the most part though. I am hoping to get her in again as soon as we finish the 28 day cycle of TOBI and get her cultured so we can figure out the next plan of attack.

So prayers for my peanut to rid her body of this nasty bug. Otherwise she is back to her normal sassy stuff!

We will be back soon with pictures from the week! It's been a busy week!


  1. Have you tried the TRIO? You can make her TOBI treatments 4minutes if you ask your clinic to use that device !I am in love with Madeline's. We did TOBI the old way in December after she cultured it for the 1st time then, after hearing from other moms I suggested to our clinic that we use the TRIO. They had no idea toddlers could use a mask on the TRIO. It has been a blessing. I hope that you conquer that stupid bug. We are doing the same. Fingers crossed for two little girls!

  2. My computer is on the fritz too! I will probably be MIA soon!

    Please let me know if you ever want to come to our Children's Museum. We would love to host you in Lincoln!