Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 35 – Sleddin’ - Sorta


We went sledding – Sort of.  I pulled the two girls around the culdesac and up the street in the sleds.  They thought it was fun and didn’t want to stop.  I wasn’t as convinced of this hard work, I mean fun. 

And what else do you go for when you head outdoors to play in the snow…..Golf Clubs of course.  It’s the first thing they grab when we head out front.  Crazy girls.

By the way…this is an unusual picture for me – Rylee is actually smiling and looking at the camera.  AMAZING!  I am pretty sure I told them we couldn’t sled anymore unless they smiled for the camera……BRIBES


  1. You got your workout in for the day, but they sure looked like they were having fun!

  2. Such fun memories.... winter is so tough on people-- but when we can get out and play in it... memories are made instantly!