Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 30 – Baby Kasey

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So this is totally cheating – But again, I didn’t even pick up my camera this entire weekend.  I attended the birthday party in the casino, and apparently my family knows how to party so I didn’t get enough sleep.  In turn, I was a pile on Sunday and went to sleep around 6pm.  So I am cheating on todays photo, as I did on yesterdays also.

My friend Kristi had her baby about 2 weeks ago.  They had been trying to get pregnant since before my wedding in 2007.  Finally they were able to and this little buddy boy is turning out to be the naughty little boy I told her she was going to have.  He pushed a little too hard 2 weeks ago and was born via c-sections at 5 weeks early.  He remains in the NICU but is stable and improving every day.  We are hoping that they will get to take him home this Friday.  They are ready to have their Family and they are more then deserving. 

The first picture is baby Kasey at 2 days old I believe.  Rylee looked at this picture and said, awe..baby Kasey crying.  The next two pictures are from about a week old.  I can’t wait to visit and hold the little peanut when we venture out their way in February. 

Sorry about the picture quality.  These pictures came from my friend and only the first one was really taken on her phone.  The rest are pictures on her phone of pictures they had printed.  No phones in the NICU :( = No photo texts.

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