Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 36 – Lovin Her Baby

We are playing catch up.  I finally recieved the charger cord for my lap top in the mail today, so now I am attempting to get caught up on my daily picture project/editing. 

I have 2 kiddo’s napping, one at preschool and one playing in her room…. So what better time to try and catch up then now.


Rylee has been really into her dolly’s thanks to two little girls who are here during the week that really like to play dolls.  I was so impressed with how gently (for the most part) she treats her dolly’s.  She has this one in particular that she really likes. 

I caught her playing with her doll in the hallway one night.  She was rocking her and talking to her and just being a great mommy! 

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