Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know yesterday was valentines day and that the title of this post felt fitting even though it's after Love day.
Today I had the rare chance to spend with Rylee alone. The girls were all gone because of illness (ear infections) so I had Rylee all to myself. Love. I really had a chance to soak in the little things I love about her.
Today is the first time I have really noticed her pretending. This morning she was playing with her snap and style dolls (which she Loves) and she would hold one up and say "you fly" and "jump".
Later in the morning she was holding her stuffed minnie mouse and a spoon. She would lean down and take a "scoop" of the floor and turned to her Minnie and said "Minnie, you eat floor".
Now, I know this isn't actual full our pretending or role playing...but it's a start.
Just a few minutes ago she was holding her Minnie and Mickey, and she had them laying next to each other. She picked up Mickey and stood it over Minnie and said "wake up Minnie. Wake up"
So it is pure love that I have for my baby. I love everything about her. She is growing up and I love it. She will however always be my baby :)

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  1. Hi Nicole!
    I love your header! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.
    We ordered Ben the blow up size kid bed from One Step Ahead. For the most part it got good reviews but I'll let you know once it comes in :)
    Love Rylee in the Valentines outfit!