Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - New Year - New Goals

Alternative Title - Day 1 of Breaking my New Years Resolutions!

Resolutions to me are always silly little tidbits that seem to get broken by day 5 of the new year, if not day 1. This year I am setting practical goals that I hope to achieve instead of the typical resolution to lose weight, plan meals better, be more organized, etc.
Goal #1
Since I really enjoy photography, my number 1 goal is to take at least 1 picture each week to edit and post. I would love to think I could do 1 picture a day to post, or that I could really do more then 1 per day, but I would be setting my self up for failure. Some days it's just not practical. Like today in which we have sat around in our pajamas all day long watching tv, surfing the internet, and playing, only really moving long enough to walk to the bathroom or make something for lunch. We have been lazy, and no pictures were taken, nor would we want to really captur our laziness on camera.
Goal #2
Post at least 1 time per week. Hopefully by taking 1 picture each week and editing it, I will at least have 1 post each week. Seems like a given huh.
Goal #3
Become more contious of our health - Both physical and mental. For this I would like to excersize more, eat better, and make time for myself, time for Rylee and I, and time for our whole family. I could set my self up for instant failure by choosing to set a goal of working out 5 times a week, or eating only healthy foods this year. I know I would instantly fail at that. I really hope to just become more aware of it, which in turn I hope will lead to me being more ambitious about working out. In other words, I am going to try to work out more, eat better, and stay sane, but we will see how it goes :)
Goal #4
Continue to focus on my Rylee. While I had the first 2 years to spend just with her while my husband worked, I am fortunate enough to be able to make an income while allowing her to play now. I really loved our time together - Just the 2 of us, but it was time for change, time for growth. I hope I can still manage to take advantage of those little times with just the 2 of us and cherish every little minute of those moments that we get.
Goal #5
To focus on my relationship with my husband. Don't get me wrong - we have a wonderful relationship. I just want to keep it that way. :) Somedays I tend to shut down at 5 when he gets home or after the kids leave for the day. I, in reality, sometimes feel like I could be so much of a better wife! So we will work on it!
And thats all - Of course my number one priority above all of this, is to keep my precious 2 year old healthy all year and happy. I want her to continue to grow and learn and achieve wonderful things this year!

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