Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentines Day Pops


Tonight, Rylee and I made some Valentines Day Pops.  I have some experience making pops, but by far not an expert in any area of making them.  I had made some “Pops” for Christmas…Both Oreo Pops and Cake Pops.  For Rylees 1st Birthday we had made cupcake shaped cake pop.  Each time I really struggle with getting the finished, decorated product to look very good.  Either the ball itself is oddly shaped or the candy coating is not smooth.  Sometimes it runs and drips, and sometimes the sprinkles don’t fall right.  But regardless of the looks, when you get a bunch together, they still look cute and they taste remarkable.

Tonight we tried peanut butter rice crispy treat pops.  We made a batch of PB rice crispy pops and dipped them in Red Wilton Candy Melts that were melted in the Wilton Chocolate Pro and sprinkled them with Wilton Valentines Day Sprinkles.  Easy enough for me and my baby girl to do together….Oh yea, My husband chose to help make one too.


I must say I like the fact that the Chocolate pro keeps the candy melts consistently melted…Which is nice.  However they don’t melt to a point where they were easy to dip.  The candy melts were more spreadable then dip-able.   In the end, they still tasted good, which is the point right!

I had previously pre-registered for the Wilton Pops in a Post Contest and received a Wilton Pops Kit free for being one of the top 40 to register.  Some of the products used in the production of the pops were received from this kit.  Other items, although still Wilton brand, were purchased by myself. 


  1. These are just lovely! I love Valentine's Day! Good luck!