Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 – Sleepy times 3


What are the odds that 3 two year olds will be sleeping at the same time?  Well chances are if you roll into our living room between the hours of 1:15 and 3 you just might find that happening.  Of course a busy morning consisting of breakfast, playing dolls, mom’s club play-date at the coffee shop, and a yummy lunch may be required before achieving any sort of closeness to this miracle that happens. 

I must say I was amazed to see all 3 sleeping today.  Rylee and Mya have not been taking a nap during the week.  We have either been just too busy or we just rest.  I must say that I enjoy no nap days because that means bedtime is easy and early….But some days naps are just warranted. 

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