Wednesday, January 5, 2011



tough is what my little girl is.  today was a long day as most days that we have doctors appointments are.

we had a follow up appointment with dr. k. – rylee’s ent. 

lately i have had a lot of friends/cf mama’s that are experiencing the dreaded toddler fearing doctor situation right now.  it’s tough.  it’s hard to watch your child scream in fear of the unknown, the fear of getting a needle poke or throat swab, the fear that starts when you enter the parking lot of the clinic.  it’s just tough. 

but the remarkable and real thing with it is, that it gets better.  or at least it did for us.  rylee screamed at the scale, at the measurement place, when we walked in the small patient room, when the nurse came in, when the dietician came in, when the doctor came in.  she screamed and cried and then she screamed and cried some more. 

but today……

she smiled.  she gave five to doctor k.  she showed him her dora book.  she let him look in her ear. 

she was tough

tough during a tough situation.

she is my hero!  my pumpkin!  one of my favorite things in life!


  1. Way to go, Rylee! What a tough little cookie!

  2. What a sweet girl! I'm sure it is so scary to go through some of these things as a little girl, but it's wonderful to hear that it's gotten better for her! I know you are so proud!