Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17 – Fun With Boys


We had some visitors today.  A friends boys spent the day playing at our house since there was no school.  And since the weather was beautiful – well as beautiful as it can be in January in the midwest – we headed outside to play.  It was mid 30’s so we had fun without getting too chilly too fast. 

This little guy, or not so little any more, used to be in my preschool class when I worked at daycare.  He is such a well behaved guy that it’s really easy to have him and his brother over during the day.

I must say I need to give Bethany at Hissyfits Photography a Shout-out for introducing me to Actions.  I haven’t purchased any yet, but I am taking full advantage of some free ones.  I am hooked.  I love the ease of them and the results!  Thanks Bethany!


  1. Love all of those free actions! I love this photo - the colors really pop!

  2. Great winter photo! I love his bright cap.