Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Milky Way


rylee coined the term “milky way” from dora the explorer.  dora has one episode where she talks about the milky way, constellations, space, etc. she really has no idea what the real milky way is, however she seems to think she knows.  i must say she is pretty close, and maybe knows more then i think.  she points a flashlight at the ceiling and says “milky way”.  she is fully aware she is using a flashlight, yet the light on the ceiling is what she is referring to.  

here she was proceeding to show me the milky way.  i am just satisfied with her knowledge at this point in time and will delve deeper into the “milky way” at some point, but today i will just enjoy her curious eyes, and astonishment as she looks at the milky way on the ceiling. 

DSC_3598 day 4 – finding the milky way

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  1. What a precious little girl! Gracie also enjoys watching Dora. It's amazing how quickly they pick up concepts and ideas at this age. She's a beauty. :)