Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lazy Days

We have had a very lazy, relaxing last couple of days. The weekend was filled with "NOTHING". We did not do hardly a thing.

I spent my weekend mostly making felt board pieces for her felt board after my friend mentioned making one for her daughter. R. has had a felt board (left over from teaching preschool) I made her a color train, the itsy bitsy spider, a tree with leaves/apples and some other ones. When I got my preschool stash out for her (Old McDonalds Farm, Farmer in the Dell, and a color mitten song) she had so much fun sticking the pieces on the board.

While I was looking on etsy for fun ideas for felt boards, I cam across a very fun ABC quiet book. I have been wanting to make one for R, and maybe one for a bday present. Not sure yet, depends on how hard it ends up being, but I copied a bunch of ideas from the one on etsy and made some of my own, and it's going to get started after I make the trip to Hobby Lobby for the supplies.

I also came across some fun playscapes on a blog (not sure who's), but was thinking that maybe I would start making some of them for R. She is still a little young for them but by the time I would get them done to my liking, she will probably be 10, so I better start now!

And Finally, I am hoping to get some shopping done for the valentine gifts. We don't give out many, but I am hoping I can find maybe a small moses basket for R. for her dolls and then fill it with fun valentine stuff. I don't know though, this idea may change when I get to looking at stuff.

Well no pictures, no tot time fun to post. We have had tot-time but I think I am gonna do one post a week for tot-time as an overview from the week. We have played with snow in the warmth of our house, had tea parties, played music, and played in our dora house.....Oh yea, and we successfully pee'd in our ball pit - lets just say mommy was less then impressed as I wiped each and every 220 balls with clorox wipes. :(

Well that's all, Have a great day!

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