Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Mommy Day Out!

Today, I left bright and early. Well for me, bright and early is equal to about 9:30 or 10:00 am. So I hopped in the car, filled up with gas, got a cappucino and hit the road. On the hour drive to my destination, I heard on the radio that it was Crazy Days at the mall. Are you serious? I really did not plan that. So first stop was the mall. I hit Old Navy, Younkers, Childrens Place, Penney's and Gymboree. I made it out with only buying stuff at Old Navy and Younkers though. Old Navy had 50% off of all clearance prices which makes their stuff dirt cheap. I got R. a skirt for $1.50 and some jammies for $4.00. The best buy at Old Navy was the Melissa and Doug Puzzle. It was one of the chunky farm puzzles and it was $4.75. What a deal. So on to Younkers. I love Younkers crazy day sales. They had all of their Carters feety jammies for $6.00. So I picked up 6 pairs (crazy I know but we go through lots of jammies here). I also picked her up an Adidas outfit, a puma outfit and about 4 Oshkosh long sleeved shirts. All of it for next winter.

I made the trek down last winter for crazy day also and bought R. alot of this winters clothes for close to 75% off the regular price. Younkers has some awesome deals.

I also went to Hobby Lobby to pick up the stuff for the felt quiet time books I'm going to start working on for R for valentines day. I really wanted to get a moses basket for her, but couldn't find one, so we will be making do without. I'm sure someday she'll get the doll pack and play or something that she can use and for now her dolls will continue to use the wicker basket they currently reside in.

The only other stop was Target for diapers (yes, even though we are potty training, we still use the diapers at night and when out, or when we've had accident after accident after accident and Mommy can't handle wiping up pee out of the ball pit one more time. 220 balls to clorox are a bit much). Miralax and the Leap frog Letter Factory video were on the list also. I can't get over how much Miralax costs. R. only uses 1 tsp a day but it seems to go fast. The big bottle which is suppose to get 30 regular doses costs $19.99. That's crazy! We will be trying to find a cheaper way to buy this next time.

Well off to give the girly a bath, nebs and bed. I had a very long day shopping :) Good but long!


  1. You got some great buys!!! I love bargains!!!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous day! It sounds like it was a successful "crazy" day at the mall!