Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tot Time and Snow Fun!

This week we have been busy busy busy. I am getting over my "LAZY" self and doing a little more around the house. I just don't know what got into me. Besides puzzles, tools, stacking blocks, tea parties, mega blocks, and a crawl and cruise jungle, we also spent time doing special tot-time activities.

Dot Painting

  • Paper of choice - we used a sheet of 12x12 dark blue cardstock
  • Dot Painter - I made ours using crayola kids paint mixed with a little water and a bingo dabber from Discount School Supplies

R. really does well dot painting.....well except when she gets going on her clothes and hands and the table....but she understands the concept of where the paint comes from and how to get it out. We made another "SNOWSTORM" out of ours. We are planning to add a snowman out of foam to it, but that will happen later this week if we do it.

Indoor Snow Play
  • Large Shallow Tote - ours is from WalMart
  • Sand Toys or other scooping and shovel toys - we also put some cookie cutters in there
  • SNOW - from our back yard

R. wasn't so sure about this one. She loved to take the spoons and forks out and play with them but wasn't real sure about the snow. At first I put mittens on her, and she touched the snow once and freaked out because there was snow on her mitten. Once we took the mittens off she did a little better, but was still not a fan of touching it.

And yes, she is not wearing any pants. I know, I know, playing in the snow without any pants on. We are slowly working on potty training, and so she has undies on.

Finally, Yesterday it was warm enough that we went outside to play after her nap. She was in heaven. She walked up and down the street and around the culdesac. She loved it. I think the fresh air did her some good, however you would think it would have tired her out...Oh no, she was up until 12:00 am last night. Little stinker.

R. smiing for the camera. Can you tell she was loving the snow?


  1. I love the last picture! What a sweet little face!

    Hope you have a great weekend!