Friday, January 22, 2010

Tot Time & Daddy's Girl

I will start this out with the fact that I have been trying to upload these same pictures to blogger for almost 3 full days. It was not letting me, there for these are from earlier this week!

R. has been loving the new arrangement of toys/books and the rotating of toys in and out. She will sit and play with her toys for 30 minutes easily and makes many trips back to the toys throughout the day.

I made a small sensory tub for her. She was in love. She poured and scooped and poured and scooped and spilled beans everywhere. She had so much fun. I put white dry beans in a medium sized tub along with scoops, tongs, cups, measuring cup, spiky balls and heart confetti. She has so much fun. She played with this activity 3 times yesterday and would sit easily for 30-45 minutes scooping and pouring. She even got mad when I put it away one time. She was beginning to throw the beans so it was time to be done. She didn't think so.

We worked together to make this mitten suncatcher one day. I cut out the mitten shape and stuck it to contact paper. I cut tissue paper into large squares and R. stuck them one by one onto the contact paper. She was amazed with what she had made when I held it up and the light went through it.

One of our all time favorite things to do is paint with dotters. I bought empty bingo dotters from discount school supplies and filled them with crayola paint and water. They work amazing. She completely loves to dot with me. The minute I stop though, she is ready to be done.

R. had so much fun building and stacking blocks with daddy this week. She never tried to stack blocks until this week and low and behold she can stack 17 on top of each other. I was amazed this time.

And then they fall down. But it sure is exciting to watch them fall isn't it?

My little girly girl has always let me put bows and clips in her hair while we are out, but at home, not so much. She would just assume let the hair hang in her face. Trust me, I try. Every morning we spray her hair, brush it, and put her bangs off to the side with a clippie. Every day after breakfast, she rips the clippie out and lets her silly curly q's hang in her face. I don't get it. So don't mind the crazy hair in the eyes in all of the pictures. She will leave a pony in but I don't like to put ponies in her hair everyday, so the result is hair in the face. Oh well.
The same goes for hats of any type. She will leave them on while outside, but the minute indoors, the hat gets ripped off. Crazy girl. She has been playing with her daddy's hat alot though lately. She always takes him his stocking hat and he will put it on her. She walks away before taking it of. Lately she has been seen wearing a green cabellas hat. (I wonder who started this one..) Her daddy thinks it's hilarious. She is super cute in a big hat though.

She is a mini-daddy all the way. But a super cute one at that!

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  1. It looks like you are keeping busy! Cute pictures! We make a sandbox with a small Rubbermaid container during the summertime! It keeps Kamree entertained during her brother's sporting events!

    Hope you have a great weekend!