Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missing Cupcakes for the Tea Party

For R's bday she got a tea party set from fisher price. It's pink and purple and the tea pot sings and the cupcakes are in the shapes of a circle, triangle and square. One cupcake is brown. This cupcake seems to go missing everytime we get the tea set out. Last time it was under the tv stand and it sorta blends in with the brown color of the wood furniture in our house.

R. also has the fisher price crawl and cruise jungle. Santa brought this to her for her first christmas. She really didn't play with it until we re-organized her toys, but now she plays with it all the time. It has various colored balls that can go in the tree, elephant or hippo. It sings lots of songs and it just overall a pretty neat toy.

So you may wonder what these two toys have in common or yet why I am telling you about them. Well I orignally went to write about our missing cupcake and when I sat down to type, I looked up and saw her jungle. In the one outlet of the tree where the balls usually sit, i can just barely see the frosting of the missing square cupcake. I have turned the house upside down looking for this cupcake, because I have a thing for missing parts to toys. It doesn't go over well with me.

And now, as my dear daughter put her ball thrugh the jungle, I see that it wasn't the cupcake at all but a nail for her tool set. GRRR...Still on the search for a missing cupcake. If you have seen it, let me know!

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